I'm Curious: How Many of You Also Wear Non B'bags??


Do You Cheat On Your B'bags??

  1. NO! I ONLY wear b'bags!!

  2. I have a mixed collection, but all are high end

  3. I have all kinds of bags

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  1. Okay, I'm really curious about how many of you wear ONLY b'bags, and how many of you wear other bags as well. If you wear something other than b'bags, are they all high end or do you mix things up?

    I have a pretty mixed up collection: high end bags (b'bags, Fendi, Ferragamo), but also a bunch of mid-range bags (Kooba, Hayden-Harnett, Botkier).

    I just bought another Hayden-Harnett yesterday at that crazy sale they're having, and feel like I'm somehow cheating on my b'bags.

    So, are b'bag lovers exclusive or do most of us "cheat"?
  2. I have a very mixed collection, i just started with bbags, b4 that I was a Chanel girl, to date that is my most extensive collection, but i also have a variety of other designers fendi, chloe, dior, LV, MJ, Prada, then some other lower end like kooba and gustto
  3. I love variety!

    Me have Balenciaga, LV, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry, Chloe and a few Coach, Prada and Ferragamo accessories
  4. I have all sorts of bags, but my faves of course are my high-end bags (Balenciaga, Miu Miu, LV). All the other bags are for rainy days and such.
  5. Well, I just started my Balenciaga collection with a Besace messenger. My overall collection mainly consists of Louis Vuitton. I do have a Gucci and Prada messenger to mix it up a little. As for accessories, they vary from the afore mentioned designers to Dior, Fendi, Versace, Valentino, MiuMiu, and Burberry.
  6. I have mostly bbags but also two Marc Jacobs (as well as my wallet and more leather accessories) and i just got a Yves Saint Laurent Downtown that i love!
  7. I only have Balenciaga and LV. I just purchased my first b-bag a couple of weeks ago. Before that, it was all LV.
  8. I have a collection of high-end bags: LV, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, and Bbags. =)
  9. I have one Bbag, a few Chloés, a few more Radleys and then all the rest are standard :tup:
  10. Well between August 06 when I went searching for my first Bbag and now, my collection has been morping into mostly Balenciaga bags. But I still have a few LV bags. I love the LV PTI wallets and I don't see myself tradng them in for a Balenciaga wallet. Plus I don't like to be too matchy! I have one or two Isabella Fiores as well. Here are some of them...
  11. I currently only have one bbag (must change that!) so I mostly wear my Chanels. I do have some LV, coach, etc. but they just sit in their little boxes.
  12. Only Bbags now............in the beginning I had a variety of bags (chloe, lv, anna corinna, moni moni, etc). But everytime I wore a non-bbag, I wished I had been carrying one. So, I ended up selling all my other bags so I could support my habit.;)
  13. i have a very varied collection...
    balenciaga, marc jacobs, ysl, goyard...
    i also have a few bags from kate spade and club monaco...
    actually, club monaco makes great bags under $200...
  14. I have a mixed collection. Of course I adore my b-bags - but I have a lot of other bags that are special to me to: especially my MJ Caroline bag. :heart:
    Lately i've been loving my Tate Kale bag and my Gerard Darel bags.
    But one day i'll look over to my b-bags and fall in love all over again!
  15. Wow, this is SO not the answer I expected. Interesting! I guess b/c we only talk about Balenciaga here, I expected that people would say that they had stopped buying other bags once they found Balenciaga. Deana, I've seen so many of your lovely b'bags that I would have pegged you immediately for an exclusive b'bager, and then you pop up with pics I never would have expected! Skull bags? You go, girl!