I'm curious about your bag showcase

  1. I'm new to this forum and I'm very excited about it. I just went into the your bag showcase forum and I'm so amazed. I thought the only person that collected LV was Kimora Simmons. But even though it's none of my business I just want to know about you guys that are addicted to these bags.

    1. Is it like a real addiction where you would do anything to get it?
    2. can you afford it or do you live in debt so that you can own these bags.
    3. What do the people that matter to you say about it.
    4. Do you ever feel guilty for owning so many bags.
    5. Do you get them at the high end stores or do you get some of them somewhere else like eBay.

    My list can go on cause I'm just curious. Beleive me I loooove bags or I wouldn't be on this forum. I only own a gucci horsebit hobo and a LV alma.

    I congratulate all of you for owning these bags, I hope I'm not being too noisy--maybe a lot of people are curious like me.