I'm curious about colored stitching

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  1. I've seen the Dogon wallet in brown with orange stitching and I just love it--can anyone tell me more about bags that have stitching in contrasting colors? Anyone have one? Do they do it for certain styles only?
  2. vert anis with brown stitching.....blue jean with white stitching......gold with white stitching.........i cant think of anything else.

    im sure there's more.....
  3. rouge H with white
    black with white
  4. fuchsia has red, at least on my kelly it does
  5. i have raisin with brown, orange or violet stitching -- it's difficult to tell what color the thread is against the purple leather.
  6. I've seen sellers on eBay describe the stitching on Rouge Vif or Vermillion bags as "pink" but I don't think Hermes intended it that way. I just think the supposedly tone-on-tone stitching doesn't quite match, that's all!

    As for the the reddish stitching on Fuchsia, I noticed that, too! It's definitely more flattering than if the stitching were the exact shade of Fuchsia!
  7. Yeah, I really do love the red stitching a lot.... oh and I just wanted to say a BIG welcome back to 24, Faubourg:yahoo: :yahoo: And thank you so much for awarding us w/ that gorg. meil croc kelly of yours as eye candy :love: :love:
  8. You're so nice, whispa! Thanks a lot, but I haven't disappeared completely! I just can't comb through all or most of the threads like I used to. But believe me, I'm still around. Thanks for the kind words about the siggy. LOL, I pulled out one of my favorite toile duvets the other day and thought I'd use it as a backdrop! :lol:

    ETA: And no, it's not an Hermes duvet (don't I wish)!
  9. Love the black with white! Saw this in a mini kelly and it was fab!

  10. I'm surprised that it's not Hermes, actually I thought it looked quite similar to one of the shawls that LaVan has...
  11. 24 FAUBOURG, do you have your H bags on the thread?? i would love to lust on your bag collection esp. this croc! :?:
  12. I love white stitching on many colors! And the brown on the Vert Anis is fab!
  13. I've always wondered, would it look super funky if you put turquoise stitching on fuchsia?
  14. I have a chocolate togo with orange contrast stitch on order for next year....contrast orange lining, too!
  15. I love white stitching on natural chamonix! It's looks FABULOUS!