I'm curious about all of your feelings about the hobo vs day

  1. Hello ladies,
    I noticed on the inventory thread that several day styles were accounted for, but only 30 hobos.
    I really feel more drawn to the hobo and that's hopefully my next purchase (black w/sgh!).

    I must be in the minority, and I'm just curious as to why. I'm wondering if it's the extra leather/slouchiness on the day that attracts most of you, and if so, I can def. see why.

  2. well, for me...the hobo looks like it could be a coach bag, and I'm not really into that style.
  3. mshel, you're right, the day is much more popular than the hobo. I think the hobo is beautiful, and when I tried it on, I really loved it. I didn't get one because I prefer RH, and the hobo only comes in GH. But, I know that some ladies feel the day doesn't have that slouchy leather that bal is known for, where as the day is slouchy defined!! Also, check out some of these threads that might answer your question. HTH!




    P.S. I have 2 days and another coming, and I am loving the style more and more. I've been using my sienna day almost everyday since I got it. The first has been my favorite style, but now I believe the day is usurping that position!!
  4. I really love both!! I hate choosing favorites when it comes to bbags, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd say the hobo style is my favorite. (Sorry to my beautiful black day, I still love you very much!!) There's just something about the way it looks when it's on your shoulder - it just :love: it!!
  5. Very helpful, thank you!
    I didn't realize the hobo only came in gh!

    I'll check out those threads, thank you sunny!
  6. Hiya, I have a plomb day which I absolutely adore and i have just purchased a hobo for spring as i didn't want another day - wanted to mix it up a bit, but I still wanted a shoulder bag. I think the lack of comments is because it is a relatively new style and it doesn't help that the day is just to dam fabulous!

    Here is my hobo (which is on its way)

    It think it looks perfect for spring, with jeans!
  7. I've been trying to decide whether to get a day or hobo for my next bag and I can't seem to make up my mind. I'm afraid that the day will be a bottomless pit and I won't be able to find anything in it. But, I really dislike GH and the hobo only comes with GH :sad:. I think if the hobo also came in RH it would probably be more popular.
  8. :shame:I'm confused now as well after I read through all the posts from previous threads.
  9. I only have hobos, they are the only style I like that fit my lifestyle, I can't gush about them enough! Try out a day bag and a hobo and see which you like. I got a day and didn't like the way it fit on my shoulder I am 5'11" and 155lbs.
  10. Unfortunately, I'm no where near a boutique! Sigh.
  11. erica- I was concerned the day would be a bottomless pit as well, so I avoided it for a while, but I use a cosmetic pouch (one day to be upgraded to a coin or makeup :graucho:) to keep my loose things in, and digging around is no longer an issue. Also, the day has much deeper zip pockets that are wonderfully functional. I keep keys, cell phone, and other essentials in the zip. I love the day because it's so light, comfy to carry (stays on your shoulder unlike the city!), and is a great everyday bag. I say try it!!

    mshel- oh no! I don't want you to be more confused! What are you confused about?
  12. :nuts:Oh, it's just a terrible burden to be this confused over which bag I want to get next!:upsidedown::lol:

    well, honestly, I'm confused because I love gh, and I thought I loved the style of the hobo more. But after reading all these posts and those from previous threads, and going back to the references...hmmm.....I can look at the day diff. now than I did. I still like the hobo, but there is something cool and distinctly unique about the day.

    I'm just a fickle, purse-lovin' woman, sunny!:rolleyes::shame:
  13. mshel, I have to say a black w/SGH hobo would be pretty hot.:supacool: I say go for it! I recently got my black city w/sgh and I loooooove this bag.:rochard:

    I say get the hobo because it only comes w/GH and then you can get a day in any color w/RH later.:p
  14. I love the hobo!

    From what i've seen though (and i'm in Canada, so I could be wrong) the day is much easier to come by than the hobo. ALso, i've only ever seen the hobo in black, but the day in a variety of colours. Those are reasons that would make me buy the day over the hobo, but if I could find the hobo in different colours I would be all over it.
  15. hehe, oh ok! That's a GOOD confusion... which bag to buy...:p

    I originally thought I liked the hobo better than the day- it is probably the perfect size for me. BUT, now that I have the day, I am so in love that I just want more! And if you love lots of slouchy bal leather, the day is the way to go. Maybe you can go by what would be most functional for you, and then what color you want and which style is available in that color. Either way you can't lose! Both are great bags.