I'm crying!!!!!!!!!

  1. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I ordered the Ali bag in the signature brass/khaki/ebony and it just came today! It's pretty but it's not going to be big enough for me so I called my store and decided to go with the Mandy Courier in the same color and they're OUT! I don't want the white and I don't like the gold at all!!!! She 'thought' she found one in Jacksonville but it won't let her put it through and one in connecticut but they said they don't do phone orders!!! I'm so upset and so disappointed that I didn't just order that in the first place! Can you feel my pain? I have no idea what to even get now and I might end up with nothing! :sad: Oh, and I didn't get a duster for either that bag or the one I bought for my daughter and she didn't know why. drat, I'm so upset!

  2. Oh honey it'll be ok! Why don't you check on eBay and see what's there? Surely there's some store that has the bag that you want! Hang in there!
  3. I agree maybe you can try to look for something on eBay o.o
  4. I'm Sorry, Don't give up! maybe it will show up somewhere.
  5. :sad: Sorry that happened. Maybe you'll have better lukc in future purchases ! :smile:
  6. The mandy should be available again soon!
  7. You have until Sunday for pce I would call everyday and hope they get one in.
    Darn connecticut store! :sad:
    We can all call and gang up on em if you want. :smile:
  8. It'll be ok sweetie! You'll find something you like just hang in there.
  9. Keep your chin up, and don't give up unless you decide you don't want the item anymore!!!

    I ordered sunglasses at PCE, only to find out they weren't available to order. I was going to give up on them, until a wonderful SA was able to find them at a few stores for me!!! Then, I was able to go in and they called a store that had them available, so I had to do a fax order. Keep looking dear!! If all else fails... there's always eBay!! :smile:
  10. So sorry to hear about the Mandy problems.

    As far as the dustbags go, definitely call customer service and tell them you didn't get them - they should send them to you!
  11. :roflmfao:
    Have you got the phone number? I'm all pissy today! At least I can put it to good use! :p
  12. I'm sure it will be available again soon. Just keep checking.
  13. Don't give up.
  14. I sure hope you find one.
  15. The Mandy will be available online on 4/15. Couldn't you buy a bag that's the same price then exchange it for the color you want on 4/15??? Call the 800# and see if you can do an exchange by mail??? I don't know just crazy thinking here.