I'm crazy.

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  1. Gone way overboard lately but I couldn't resist...
  2. :yahoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    I see no problem here!
  3. wow - congrats!!!! great order!!!👍😃👏
  4. Beautiful choices!
  5. I don't think it's crazy. Great purchases! I can't wait to see your reveal!!
  6. +1
  7. That's a meet and greet practically next to the Stadium.
  8. No, you're lucky *

    Enjoy :smile: they're gorgeous
  9. So pretty. Oh that new Vernis color is so gorg. I'm a sucker for amethyst. Congrats
  10. I feel so guilty about it I kind of hope I get an order cancellation. Losing sleep tonight! Would love to hear the good and bad from artsy empreinte owners.
  11. Beautiful choices! Congrats:smile:
  12. Congrats. They are both beautiful choices.
  13. +1:smile:
  14. crazy in a good way :smile:
  15. Emp. Artsys are beautiful bags! Get ready for the compliments!! I love mine and the versatility of being able to carry it on my shoulder is important to me. It can get a bit heavy like all leather bags but not horrible. Enjoy your new purchase, you definitely made a great choice!!