I'm crazy...just got 2 bulgas

  1. So I just got the large chocolate Bulga tote when i already have the medium Chocolate tote. I just love the color and the leather so much. Am I certifiably crazy???
  2. You're not crazy girl! If you love it then that's all that matters right? Post pics for us! Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. I think I am crazy if you are! I just bought the chocolate flap tote (large) because I have the same in Hazel and I love it so much! I am even thinking about the Amore and the Banana. Love the Banana actually, but don't think I will be able to stand it getting dirty. I've also looked at the small one but am not sure if I will like it cause it won't fit on my shoulder. Can you post pics of you holding it?

    By the way, this is the bag you just bought right?
    (pic from from Revolve clothing)
    Bulga choco.jpg
  4. Actually the bag I got was the studded butterfly bag (which I know is a love/hate bag). I almost got the chocolate flap tote, but I was afraid that I couldn't put it over my shoulder. Will post pics tomorrow after work.
  5. You are not crazy at all! I bought 3 Bulgas last month on a whim (the cognac satchel and mini and the dark chocolate flap tote)! I am now selling them all on eBay because none of them ending up working for me for what I originally bought them (baby/toddler bag) :sad: They are so gorgeous though and the leather is just amazing!