I'm crazy for my new bag...

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  1. Have just been staring at it on elux; it's getting shipped to me in a few days, and man it's like $1000 less in Hawaii, can't believe I bought this bag; would never have picked it unless I saw it IRL, Bagnitolles Dentelle Silver... such a great day bag... very very happy, do apologize for no pics... i love this bag, i really really do!:heart:
  2. But, also came out dying for the pleaty. What a chic little piece , thought I'd be more practical with the BH though.... pleaty is a future bag...
  3. Congrats V the Dentelle really is a beautiful collection I can't wait to see your pics when it arrives
  4. Thanks sweetie! Missed that the other post had a few responses and got swept away with posting this; mods can mush em togehter if need be, no sense to take up too much space, just really really excited! Thanks for sharing with me label addict, oh yeah, you're the dentelle recruiter, I'm with ya on that girl... have never been able to get enough of my silver dentelle pochette wallet, hopefully, this will help!
  5. Happy for you! Congrats!!!
  6. Congrats! dentelle is very pretty.
  7. Congrats and i hope the next days will go very very past for you!
  8. Congrats! I wonder why it is so much cheaper in Hawaii?
  9. 1000$ less how can that be ?
  10. Wow that is a ton less!
  11. congrats again vee! :yahoo:glad you are so happy!:heart:
  12. Congrats again!! I can understand why you are so excited. I wouldn't be able to hold in my energy waiting for her. The Dantelle line really grew on me. I can't wait to see pics when she arrives!!

    I didn't realize that LV was cheaper in Hawaii.
  13. Wow, time to go to Hawaii! Congrats on your beautiful new bag. I have seen the silver and gold dentelle but I have never touched the lace. Lucky you!
  14. HEY V I just thought now you've bought in Hawaii you can get the Damier Sophie shipped out to you...get on that list girl!!!
  15. I love that feeling!!! I felt that way about my Fersen...and still do. I have carried it to death and STILL love it! Enjoy it!!!