I'm cracking up so hard...lol...!

  1. check this out:

    La Perle

    On the bottom there is a picture of Louis Vuitton La perle Memphis, TN...well I live in Memphis and I KNOW for sure that there is no Louis Vuitton store in Memphis...What...they fake having stores now too? hahahhahahahah...I'm telling Louis! lol...
  2. I noticed that one day too and was like WTH?...you should email them for the "store address" because you prefer the boutique experience. ;)
  3. This makes me SO mad!!! Why doesn't Vuitton do anyhting about this???
  4. hahaha lol!
  5. yup I think I want to do that too...lol...what do you guys think will happen if I email LV and tell them about this...I have no experience with this stuff...
  6. omg!!! get em!!! :cursing:
  7. i will definitely get them...!
  8. OMG - I'm laughing so hard at work - everyone thinks I'm crazy!
  9. LOL - good one.
  10. LOL
    $875 for a MC speedy :p
  11. So which Lv store is that in the picture?
  12. that's what i'm wondering about anyone know what LV store that is?
  13. OMG..craked me up..can't beat this..it's even better if they photoshop La Perle below Louis Vuitton Sign LOL


  14. hahahhahahha
  15. I love how they have MONOGRAM GEANT...

    must be a new line...