Im convinced this is a fake...would like another opinion

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  1. Hi girls..

    well my paddy grenat is on its way to me thanks to a wonderful Pf'er angel (yes you know who you are :yes: )...

    so the search is on for one of the following

    a day/hobo
    or a

    in either the blue family (ink, blue, cornflower) or the brown family(caramel, brown, maroon).

    I am pretty sure this one isnt right...the silver palte is hard to read but the ones look like this - 1 instead of this - l and is the number on the listing( 103208) supposed to be the number on the plate, cause the two dont match..

    I am a bit funny about the reciept thing seeing as you can buy counterfeit receipts these days..

    do you think more pictures are warranted??

    oh and by the way if you happen to see any of the above bags available for adoption please let me know...

    cheers and TIA

  2. if the ones look like 1 instead of l then it's a fake. The receipts mean nothing as they are very easy to fake. Do you have photos or an auction link?

    Wow - there sure are a lot of Aussies on this board (inc. me! woohoo!)
  3. oopss sorry..I have edited the page to include the link..

    Hi Cal..

    even though there are forums here in Oz, its nice to have the global perspective on B-bags...


  4. Fake - the ones on the tag are wrong. Also, Balenciaga on have a store in Paris and in New York.
  5. Question for the ladies......

    If I buy a Bal. bag from a department store like Printemps that has store-in-store arrangements would it come with a Balenciaga receipt or a Printemps receipt?
  6. In the future, PLEASE keep ALL authenticity questions in the Authenticate This Balenciaga stickied thread at the top of this subforum.

    Thanks :smile:
  7. In any event, the number is for a City and this is not a City.
  8. It will come with a Printemps receipt, I have bought several bags there.
    The receipts list the bag manufacturer in the item description though.;)
  9. I just pmed you about a bag. :smile:
  10. ^please tell me it's not to sell her a bag{?}
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.