im considering purchasing these ..

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  1. :bump:
  2. get measurements of the insoles....39 I think is pushing it. You will end up reselling them or on way to cobbler to get the strap taken in.
  3. Have you checked the sizing thread? I think the second ones are the Horasling? I could be wrong, but according to that thread, you should go up 1/2 a size...they might be big for you, but you should definitely ask for the insole measurement to be sure. I have bought a half size too big a few times, but it was never so big that I couldn't just add a foot pad. Good luck!
  4. The second ones are an O My Sling. People say they fit like the Decollete, which is often 1/2 size up from your usual CL size.
  5. Lol, thanks for the correction, considering I saw it say "O My Sling" on the auction. :lol:
  6. I'm not sure about the first one, but I think the O My Sling will fit you :yes: