I'm confused

  1. I'm no LV expert but I was looking at LV bags and saw that some say "Made in Spain" :huh:
    I thought all were made in France. And if they are made in france. Shouldn't they say "Made in France" but in french?
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. No, that's fine.
    Esp. smaller pieces like wallets are made in Spain.
    And it's also "Made in Germany" not "Hergestellt in Deutschland" :amuse: so the same w/ "Made in France", "Made in China" etc.
  3. Hi,

    LV can be made in USA, France, Spain and Italy
  4. Thanks guys! :biggrin:
  5. my retro cherry blossom is made in spain and I bought it in paris
  6. All my items are made in Spain or made in France - none made in the USA :smile: The small leather goods are mostly produced in Spain, and my mini pleaty was also made in Spain.
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