I'm Confused

  1. :confused1:I called three different NM stores that have LV boutiques in them. First one I was told that there is no such thing as the PM nimbus and it only comes in the GM size then he proceeded to tell me that these bags have been around for awhile and that there were no more left within the company. Another store SA told me that the only color launched yesterday was the anthracite and NM would not be getting any of these at all. The next SA told me that she had beige GM and a stratus beige don't know the size though. I purchased the nimbus because I thought I could stuff more things in it, but my confusion is when did these bags launch and are the PM's that hard to get?:confused1:Someone please enlighten me.
  2. The PM Nimbus was ment to be released yesterday along with the GM in the 2 new colours, Unfortunatly alot of SA's are not very well informed, I think the PM & GM Nimbus's are already around the US (Some people have already got them theres a few threads) and are slowly coming out everywere else.
    I don't believe they are hard to get but it's difficult to know since it's still very early in the release but i think there should be a few at each LV.
  3. What are the two new colors I purchased the beige and from what the SA told me they only come in beige,perle and anthracite now I am wondering if should of called around to more of the NM LV boutiques oh well the PM is probably too small anyway:yes:
  4. The original Olympe line (Stratus PM/GM, Cirrus, and Nimbus GM) were released a few months ago as part of LV's spring releases --- these came in the beige and ecru colors. A few of these are still around. The Perle and Anthracite Nimbus PM and GM were released yesterday.

    If you're used to a bigger bag like your beige Nimbus GM, then the Perle or Anthracite Nimbus PM would definitely be too small. I tried out the PM yesterday and it was really too small for my things.

    Stores are slowly receiving their shipments. Good idea to call around. Good luck!
  5. Or call 866. You can have them locate or sell you a bag directly.
  6. some SA;s are so clueless
  7. I wish people wouldn't try to talk about things that they don't know about...
  8. :confused1: do you mean the OP or the SAs? SAs a re clueless most of the time.