I'm confused (regarding the carryall)

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  1. I have loved this style since I started being interested in Coach. I really want one of these styles (a carryall or satchel) All the bags I have are shoulder bags and I wanted something different. Anyway, What is the difference between the two, the shape ? I know they come in different sizes. Will this style always be a classic and availablle on Coach.com. What do the insides look like, is the medium a good size. Do they always keep their shape, etc. Thanks for your help. I am thinking of buying one in December. Also another question, do you think this style will ever be available in an outlet or is there usually a long list for these bags. My husband said he didn't care for the style when I showed it to him at the Burlington mall coach store, he said it seemed like a bag that an older woman would wear which I don't care about that plus I see other younger women carrying them and I think they can be used casually and more formally right ? Thanks for all your help ! Sorry for all the questions I am just undecided if for that price I should go for something more modern like the Carly, thanks !
  2. You know, I LOVE the style of the carryall because it is a perfect bag for work or for dressing up casual wear a bit more, although I see tons of college girls carrying the larger ones.

    I prefer the larger size b/c it has such a nice proportion when it is carried, and the handles are pretty substantial.

    It's definately a classic style but Coach has done some beautiful designs recently (love the crimson one they did this spring). They are very structured but will soften up over time and with use to be more pliable.

    I hope this helps!
  3. You and I are in the same dilemma, I'm contemplating between that and the khaki satchel.
    I like the look of the hampton carryall, but I'm worried it's grandma like.

    In the outlet I've seen the lilac/white one. and the smaller ones in tan, black and white.
  4. crimson carryall?
  5. i have a medium carryall and i love it...way more than i have for any satchel i've had.
  6. In all honesty I've only ever seen younger women using this bag, but that could just be in my area. :P

    I love the carryall, I have two hamptons carryalls: a large one and a business tote, both leather.

    I :heart: them. They do infact hold their shape, even when stuffed or empty. To me they are one of the best designs that Coach has ever come up with. The inside of the leather ones have sig. fabric lining. I don't own a sig version so I don't know about those.

    For the junk that I carry the medium would be too small, so I like the large size and I use the business tote for work.

    I've seen both leather and signature versions at the outlet in Jeffersonville, OH, that outlet is most all leather so the sig. pickings were slim, but there were some.
  7. I have the medium blue carryall - it's a wonderful purse. It holds a generous amount and goes just as well with my professional clothing as with my casual stuff. One of the male owners of a restaurant I go to told me when I first brought it in he liked it a lot and that he thought the leather was high quality and pretty. I don't think you can go wrong with one.
  8. Thank you all ! I think I will start planning for a carryall, maybe large. IDK I am confused if I want it for everyday instead of my diaper bag when the kids get a little older but I don't want to put things like juice boxes and food and stuff in it, or if I should get a smaller one for when I am out on my own and don't have to carry much stuff. I def want a khaki sig one though because I don't have any in that color yet. Maybe i will put my name on the list at Tilton and if one comes up I can buy it. I don't know if they were significantly discounted there or not. Also I have never seen an old lady carrying one either ! IDK why my husband said that, maybe because it is classic style but it only matters if I like it he is not the one who is carrying it (well sometimes) but we all know how that goes !
  9. Personally, I often use my large carryall in place of my diaper bag. I throw a slim travel pack of wipes and 3 diapers and go. When I start to have to lug food around, I'll probably get some cute little cooler bag and carry it separately.

    But that's just me. I do my best to travel light, and look nice doing it.

  10. I LOVE the hampton's carryall. one of my most favorite bags ever is mine. I really don't like the satchels now, I prefer the ones with the shorter handles. get what YOU like, and if it's the carryall, go for it!!
  11. Two of my friends and I have the Hamptons carryall. They have the signature and theirs are both slouchy because they carry them every day and use them hard. I have the pebbled leather and it has gotten softer - doesn't stand up as well on its own now. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on what you like. It is one of my favorite bags. I would get a large in khaki signature with ebony trim if they still made it.

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  12. Yes...it is really gorgeous--couldn't find any pics on ebay or online.. the larger one is 10545 and the smaller one is 10544. Very very pretty and they sold out really fast....:drool:
  13. Here's a picture of it, but in the khaki...just picture the leather in a dark crimson--REALLY gorgous...any tpf ladies have this bag? I regret not getting it!

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