I'm Confused - Please Advise on my first LV bag.

  1. I recently bought a Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30. This is my first LV bag and i'm not sure if I made the right decision. I'm confused between the LV Monogrammed Speedy 30 and the one I bought. Shall I stick with what I have since its "different" or exchange it for the classic LV monogrammed bag? :confused1:
  2. If you wanna have what MOST other have then get the Monogrammed one, BUT if you want to be a little more unique keep the Azur Speedy. That would be a tough choice for me too I like both of those but I guess what matters most is which would you use more.
  3. I'd keep the Azur and buy another bag in Monogram Canvas later on.
  4. Yeah thats what I think too. But i'm still confused since i love the monogrammed bag too!
  5. I have both but I just LOVE the Azur! Save your pennies and buy a really cool monogram later. You wont regret having the azur.
  6. I think it is AWESOME that your first LV is the Azur Speedy 30! I bought mine just a few weeks ago at the LV store in Toronto on Bloor. It is not my first LV, but it is definitely one of my favorites! Why?
    #1) It looks fabulous. Not blue & white like I thought from the pics online, but more of a cream & indigo/purple, I think.
    #2) It carries light, but it holds a ton, and I don't ever find myself unloading everything inside just so I can grab my keys or sunglasses case or whatever.
    I agree with those who have said keep it and buy something in mono later on. You won't ever regret having had the good taste to snatch this one up when you could! I expect to pull this one out every year for the Summer (at the very least!)
  7. Thanks a lot guys! With everyone having the same opinion i feel so much better already. The prospect of telling my DH that I wanted to exchange the bag was not fun either!
  8. I totally understand. I was in the same mood as you. I had a Mono Speedy 35 and I sold it (too big and gets too much faked) and bought a Damier Azur Speedy 30. But then I started to realize that this bright colors don't fit to me. And all the time I saw a Mono Speedy I missed it.
    So I sold the Damier Azur 30 on eBay. On Saturday I will buy a Mono Speedy 30 OR a Neverfull MM...
  9. I would keep the azur.
  10. keep the azur. i want to get my first lv, an azur damier speedy 25. just saving up the money for it. the pattern completely stands out, it's really pretty. i think it's a much happier color as compared to the monogram, even though the mono is a classic. for me, i feel the mono just screams lv, something i don't really like.
  11. I was in the same situation, but I stuck with my instincts and purchased the Azur first. And I'm sooooooo glad I did, because it's so gorg! I love, love mine! I finally purchased the Mono six months later. Haven't used my Mono yet.

  12. I have hopes of purchasing a mono LV later maybe next year.. since I dont have any yet.
  13. Another question. I'm about 27 yrs and was wondering if the azur damier speedy is too young for me... Any suggestions/comments?
  14. You are kidding right? No, it is not too young for you!
  15. The azur is gorgeous!!! I'm 34 and carry my azur...it's not too young for you at all!!!!