I'm confused....how does a Roxanne compare to a Rosemary?

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  1. I've seen Roxanne bags and Rosemary bags and I'm confused.

    Is the Rosemary a smaller version of the Roxanne or am I missing something.

    If anybody has both styles of bag could they post photos of the bags together please?
  2. The rosemary is a smaller version of a roxanne and comes with a shoulder strap, plus the hand held straps. I cant post a picture of the two Im afraid because I dont have a roxy (I wish!)... but Im sure someone else will be along shortly to help out...
  3. The Rosemary is quite a bit smaller than the Roxy - just a scaled down version. It does have the shoulder strap which is a big advantage in my book - but it is very small!
    I tried a pink one at Shepton & was amazed at how small it really is, thought it was bigger.
  4. Have a look on eBay with regard to sizes. From memory, they are a similar height; the Rosemary is around 3 inches less wide and 4 inches less deep (the Roxy is about 6 or 7 inches deep, I think the Rosemary is 2 or 3 inches deep). On paper they look like they'll be similar but the depth issue is the big factor - that's what makes Roxy a huge satchel :yes:
  5. It is a good size for all the essentials though. In mine I can carry a make up bag, purse, phone, umbrella, keys, gloves, spare (plastic) bag and hair brush comfortably.
  6. Hey yeah ! Post some rosemary pictures so we can drool..:drool: god - I need to get somewhere a tissue so people won't think here at work that I have some sort of rabies..
  7. I'm fairly sure there's a family pic on the reference thread that Chaz posted showing Roxy & Rosemary.
  8. still.. roxanne looks kind of heavy.
  9. Surely that's a Rosemary and a Blenheim?
  10. Yup- looks like a Rosemary and a Blenheim to me!
  11. Yep its my rosemary and blenheim. Obviously not much good if you want to compare rosemary and roxy though!
  12. Sorry, I hadn't realized you hadn't yet got the comparison photo you were asking for. Can't believe nobody else here is crazy enough to need both ... well, no point in hiding it, here are mine (sorry about the uninspired choice of colors - oak makes me happy).

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  13. Here they are both hand-held. The Rosemary size is really quite good - I need to take her out more often!

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  14. ^^^^ Just out of interest Speedy queen - How tall are you ( if you don`t mind me asking!!)