I'm confused...CERTIFICATE of Authenticity vs. LETTER of NON-AUTHENTICITY

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  1. OK...so let's say PayPal wants me to prove that the bag I bought is a fake and asks for proof of authenticity. Now...does that mean they want a certificate which could cost about $245 OR a letter which costs about $15 (depends of purchase price of purse)?

    I know that the certificate requires an actual person to inspect it whereas the letter only needs detailed pictures.

    So when push comes to shove and PayPal inevitably tells me they need proof...what am I dishing out...$245 or $25?

  2. you might want to post this in the eBay subforum, since the posters there have good advice on PayPal transactions.

    I'm sorry but I don't have any advice to give you on this.

    good luck!
  3. Yes, Ebay forum could help you but I know members have mentioned mypoupette or caroldiva for authentication - and Ebay accepts caroldiva as proof - I don't think you need the cert for $245 at all.
  4. Paypal wants a letter of non-authenticity, as Cert. of Auth is easily faked. There are online sites like CarolDiva.com that can help.

    If you won an item that is fake, Print the auction immediately. Then post photos in the AT forum. If the deem the bag fake then members will report it and the listing will be removed. Most often you will not need to get a letter of non-auth because enough members realized that it was fake that it was in turn removed. They will usually ask you to ship it back (and pay out of pocket) but you will get your money back.
  5. Yes I think I won a fake item (I hope I'm wrong)...I posted in AT Gucci forum so any Gucci experts please check it out!! Thankssssssss