I'm confused and I need some clarification on the Bal city

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  1. I'm a little confused with the sizes of the city style. I look at some of the pictures and some of the city bags look bigger width wise than the other. The handles look longer also. Is this because the ones that look bigger width wise is broken in already? I'm so confused :confused1: I borrowed these two pictures from the Bal city reference thread, to show what I mean. The first one looks smaller than the second one. I had a Bal bag before that I paid $1195 for, but it just seemed small. Bal experts, please enlighten me!


  2. Cities are indeed $1195. The two pictures you posted above are both of Cities. They probably look a bit different because one's a lot more broken in than the other. When Cities break in, the handles tend to lift the hardware part that connects it to the rest of the bag while the sides droop. But rest assured, they're both Cities and Cities are all the same size... maybe there's some degree of variance over the years (ex: '04 compared with '07... I believe it was Laetitya who said her Khaki City was a bit smaller), but I don't think you should come across this. As for width, maybe you've seen pictures of the Part-Time and thought it was a City? (The Part-Time is slightly longer) Hope that helps.
  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, I'm not sure but weren't the bottoms more structured in the newer bags than they were in 2005 and earlier? That's my 2005 Turquoise above and most of my 2005 and 2005 bags hang like that and my newer ones don't, even if they are getting pretty well broken in. Or is is just that the leather was softer back then?
  4. ^all my o7 cities hang like that, powder :yes: but they all have very soft leather. my mom's vert thyme is not very broken in yet, but it doesnt hang like that at all (and i'm not sure it will b/c mine all hung that way after 1-2 wears) - the leather seems thicker and not as silky.
  5. I think it´s a question of leather and broken in. The pictures in the modelling thread tend to show the cities as larger than they are IRL...not sure why, I have thought the same thing when browsing that lovely thread,

  6. Powderpuff-I love the look of the your bag above. I bought a city bag last year, and I wished it would hang like yours. Regardless, I :love: the Bal city!
  7. So have I - the first Bal I bought was a City and I was surprised that it was smaller than I thought it would be.
  8. that's how i felt also. there's only NM here and i'm ususally at work all the time so I bought my first bal online. i was a little shocked that it was smaller than i thought but i still love it :smile:
  9. i agree with suzzeee and evolkatie...when I first got a city back in 2006 I was shocked at how much smaller it was so I can only imagine how tiny a first must be! I love teh city size though and although I've upgraded to a work..I still think the city is the perfect everyday bag.
  10. Hi,
    Am new to bbag & am eyeing the city as my first...would like to check if the city is able to hold A4 size paper?
  11. ^^tinkling - it can when its new and still fairly stiff, but I've found that the more it breaks in, the harder it becomes to carry things like A4 notebooks etc, because the leather is so slouchy.
  12. hey, i just got my bbag online (yay!). but kinda confused and shocked as the bag is really slouchy? and the strap doesnt look long compared to those photos that i saw in the threads. any explanations?thnkyouuuuuu
  13. Is is a used bag? If so then as the bags are used the leather breaks in, becomes more flexible and puddly. That would account for a "slouchy bag". The strap of the city is not long, but when you wear it with the strap and you have a broken in bag the bag kinda drops down and makes the strap feel longer.

    The leather of the bags varies from year to year, season to season and color to color - and in fact bag to bag.