im confused about this item on ebay please help me!

  1. ok for my bday my brother gave me $25 in paypal money
    ok so i went on ebay and found christian dior eyeshadow wich i thought was cheap and bid on it and won that was oct 17-06 i thought it was real was real till i went to today and seen the eyeshadows are not the same
    is the one from ebay authentic ? it said so on their ebay page .take a look for your self
    here is the linke for Saks Dior - 5-Color Eyeshadow -
    here is the link for ebay eBay: DIOR 5 COULEURS EYESHADOW#250 SEASCAPE !!!NEW!!! (item 130002348626 end time Nov-25-06 07:55:48 PST)
    also their not from usa so could that be the reason why thier diffrent?

    and if the one from ebay its not real what do i do? please help
  2. it looks fine to me, just a different palette
  3. Hazel, the one on Ebay seems to be last year's and that on Saks is newer. Between last year and now Dior changed slightly the look of their eyeshadow palettes and redesigned both the interior and exterior. I have one palette from both years, bought them here in Florence and they look indeed different. I would not worry at all!
  4. Yep it's fine! Just older packaging. This happens with a lot of ebay make up, but the quality in my opinion is the same.