I'm confused about my Inclusion bracelet size

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    Hi everybody, yes I did a search and found lots of stuff on the Inclusion bracelet but it just made me more confused. :sad:

    A few days ago I was in LV and I bought the Inclusion bracelet in rose pop. Its the one thats listed as small on the LV website, with the single layer of gold. I tried on a bracelet at the store and the first one was so small I couldn't get it on, so the SA gave me another size and it fit great. Now I want to order another off the website and I have no idea if what I have is a medium size or what? SA didn't say, the website doesn't have measurments, the receipt doesn't have the size. The opening measures 2 1/2 inches accross, is this medium size? The website says only medium. I'm just confused TIA!
  2. Hi, I just measured my M bangle and the inner diameter is almost 6.5cm which I think is about 2.5 inches.
    I think most people go for this size. I have a small wrist but couldn't get the S on.
    ren't they gorgeous!!??
    Hope this helps :biggrin:
  3. I have been wondering this too. I have a super tiny wrist but REALLY want an inclusion bracelet, but the only sizes on the website are M and L. Does it come in a S? If so, are they limited/hard to find?
  4. I tried on my first bracelet at the tpf meet the other day and it was the small but size large and it was still kind of tight for me to get on(I have large hands but not HUGE!). I think medium would fit a small hand/wrist.
  5. Ok thanks so much for everyones reply. I'm going to order Medium. The small size is so tiny! I too have tiny bony wrists and couldn't get it on.
  6. #6 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    I just ordered the small so I will keep you posted!! I have a 5.25" wrist and I read in other posts that tpfers with that size wrist all bought a small so I hope it fits!!
  7. ^^^It really has nothing to do with the size of your wrist.. its the wide part of you hand trying to squeeze though the hole. :smile:
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  8. ^^PS what color did you get Miss Kris?? I wish they had a light pink!
  9. Yeah I just made that connection a second ago. I have a teeny wrist but a normal size hand. :biggrin:
  10. I just ordered the black I'm sooooo excited! The clear is next on my list.
  11. idk why I am just seeing this now, lol.. but I got the Praline and I LOVE it!!!
  12. PS: The small one fits over my hand!
  13. DesigningStyle where are you on this? She knows about the sizing.

    I think there is a petite size that is rarely carried on the website and even sales associates don't always know. I tried on DesginingStyle's petite size inclusion and when I asked the sales associate about that size several months later, she had no clue and said "it only comes in one size".
  14. Good color choice! I have the Black, the Transparent and the Parm! All in the TPM size with the 2.25" opening! Love them. Have owned the Amarante and Pomme in the past. Also have the Transparent ring which I adore!