I'm Confident that this Cloud is no Mirage!

  1. :yahoo:Did some shopping over the past week. Picked up the Nimbus PM in Anthracite last week, the Mirage Speedy in Black on Saturday and the Suhali Le Confident in Black, the Suhali Zippy Wallet in Black and the Suhali Cles in Black, today. Hope you enjoy them !!!
    11.jpg 111.jpg 1111.jpg 11111.jpg
  2. OMG GORGEOUS!!! Your bags are TDF! Congrats!
  3. :wtf::nuts:Woohoo! Congrats! Loving the Confident!:tup:
  4. That is on fantastic haul!! LOVE IT ALL!!!:tup::tup:thats the stuff dreams are made of!
  5. What a shopping spree you have had.:nuts:
    Congrats on all your lovely new purchases.
  6. What a loot! Congrats.
  7. Congratulations! What a nice shopping spree!!!
  8. wat a great haul! many congrats!
  9. oh wow, great collection. congratz!!!!
  10. They are all gorgeous!!!!! enjoy:tup:
  11. Love them all...

  12. WAOoooo.... u'r making us ALL Droolll.. u go Girl..
  13. oh my, that is some serious shopping. congrats! Love them all~~~~
  14. WOW!!! Great purchases... I especially love the mirage speedy! Congrats! Can you post some modeling pics of the suhali Le Confident?
  15. Oh my goodness......what a superbe shopping spree !!
    I would have NO idea which one to wear first !!!
    Enjoy your beauties and congrats!!!!!