I'm Concerned - BRAND new buyer bought my item; should I call them?

  1. I hate to discriminate against people with zero feedback or new eBay members (because we were all in that position at point point in time)... but with all the scams going on around eBay, I can't be too careful. I usually make my auctions avaliable for poeple who have at least a certain amount of positive feedback but with the new eBay set up I wasn't brought to that page automatically like it did before. I have 200 positive feedback and I work hard to keep it 100% so I'm worried this person might give me a negative unreasonably or worse yet, be a scammer (maybe have stolen credit card info and just made a new ebay account to use the money). Reasons why I am concerned:

    1) They have Zero feeback.
    2) They became an ebay member yesterday!
    3) They asked me questions such as they dont mind paying the price as long as its not scratched or used like the other bags theyve seen avaliable and then asked my why I charged more shipping than others. (Other people ahve the bag avaliable for a lower price + lower shipping. They bought the item buy it now before I even answered.
    4) Then they asked if credit card payment is okay; they just made a paypal account.

    Am I worried prematurely? What if their address isn't confirmed? I sent an invoice and th eres a phone number listed... should I call? If yes, what can I say so that its not offensive to them?

    Any advice?? :flowers:
  2. if they already paid you, can't you tell whether it's confirmed or not?
  3. The person has not paid yet.
  4. Alirght, so far so good. I called her and helped use paypal. She seems nice. I don't want to speak too soon but so far transaction is smooth and I was worrying prematurely.
  5. I just had that happen to me! Someone used Buy it now without making an offer and they emailed to ask if i would take less! i advised them no since I paid fees on the full amount, but they haven't paid :sad:
  6. i had something similar happen to me. i sell using my bf's ebay account, and basically a woman with zero feedback had sent us a message asking for additional photos of the bag as she was worried about authenticity. i replied stating i'd send her photos by the next morning because i was at work-she BINed before i had a chance to send her more photos. but she actually ended up being a lovely lovely buyer :tup:
  7. I just sold an item to someone with 8 feedbacks. 5 days later still waiting for payment and no response from the buyer. I am so annoyed!
  8. It sounds like she is doing everything she's supposed to do. No need to worry yet, IMO, if your photos showed the condition of the bag, as I am sure they did.
  9. File NPB on day 7 (actually day 8) I am so sick of these types of deadbeats!! Good Luck!
  10. Ah you get all sorts really... it's really up to luck whether you get a scammer or not. Some people even have lovely feedback and turned out to be scammers! So I wouldn't ever really base it on zero feedback :smile:.