I'm coming to NY...need advices girls!

  1. Hi girls!
    I'm french, from Paris and I have 2 questions.

    Are Bbags less expensive in NYC than in Paris? (I think so but I'm not sure could you give me the price of the first for example?? thanks)
    I'm coming aroud the 15th of august until the 20th: will the Jaune be available?? Thanks... If not I'll catch it in Paris...
    Sorry for the mistakes but... i'm french!!

    Thanks a lot;)
  2. First $995 (but then you have to pay NYC's tax)
  3. It may be less for you because of the euro/dollar exchange rate favors you. But remember: you will not receive a VAT (like in Europe) and you will pay a sales tax.
  4. What's the sales tax?
    Do you mean that I should get my first in paris?
    Bacause I checked and it was aroud 100-150 euros less than in Paris...
  5. Since you are French you will not receive the VAT (like a foreigner would) and you would pay the cost of 850 euro, right?

    Here in US, the bag costs 995 USD = 729 euro = better for you

    But you need to add the sales tax (8.375% = 83 USD) so the bag would cost you about 1078 USD = 790 euro and this is still less expensive for you.

    Buy it here and good luck to find jaune or violet when you come. No one knows exactly the dates they will arrive here, I was told end of August, but not sure.
  6. Well thanks!!
    Another question: do you know the price of the city in NYC?
    In Paris it's 945 euros.
    But the first will maybe be a bit small for me.
    I already have a city in metallic pink (i don't know the color's name, i bought it in december 2005).
  7. I had been told that the VIOLET and JAUNE colors won't be available until mid-September (at the earliest). I specifically remember those dates because it's when I will be in Europe on holiday (so - I've decided that if I see the VIOLET over there - I'm BUYING it!).

    I had thought that the Europeans can deduct the US Sales Tax, non???

    Another way to do it, is to have the bag "shipped" to a non-NY location (in other words, out of the state of New York). That way, you would not have to pay the sales tax, however, you would have to pay the shipping and then 'pick up' the bag!
  8. ^^ right, it's more trouble than it's worth for someone visiting from overseas. i asked once if foreigners get the tax back like we do when we go abroad and i was told no, we don't do that here. don't know why.

    the city costs 1195 USD
  9. I'm french from paris so I can tell you if you are coming in France and if you buy a bag you can have the "detaxe" (they give you back our TVA which is 19,6% of the price).
    IF yellow is not available in NY maybe I will take a black city because I don't have any black bag (I have metallic pink, green grass twiggy...).
    Do you think black is a good idea or is it to classical? (classic? how do we say?? lol)

    If you need to know: in France the city costs 945euros, the twiggy 795euros and the first is about 800euros...

    But it's much expensive so you should buy it in the US!!
  10. Sorry! It could be less expensive if you have the detaxe.
  11. With the detaxe it is almost the same. I bought my black City at BalParis and after everything I think it was really almost the same.

    Buy a black city if jaune or violet is not yet available....it is a good idea AND a classic bag, this is a good thing to be classic. It will never go out of style and I use mine summer and winter.