I'm color challenged....help!

  1. Not color blind, but I'm not sure how to put bag colors together with clothes colors, if that makes sense.

    One of the things I've admired so much about Balenciaga are the beautiful colors. In general I haven't paid much attention to what color clothes I wear with what color bags. I just buy whatever color bag I really like, and then later try to dress so as not to clash with the bag (and vice versa).

    I just got a Violet bag but now I don't know what to wear it with...and I'm worried that if I have to think that hard about it every time I carry it, maybe it's not the right color for me. But then I'm stuck because the more "versatile" colors (black, brown, cream, etc) aren't that exciting to me...help?!
  2. i have found that making just one item a feature - you can pull almost anything off! For example if I am wearing a bright shirt I wear a neutral bag. Or if I am wearing a showy belt, I try to make my shoes neutral. Neutral to me means that it isn't a feature. Violet can be a neutral just like black. White shirt, jeans, black leather jacket, violet bbag (or even red) is gorgeous!
  3. Congrats on your violet! It is a surprisingly versatile color judging by most of the responses here on tpf. For example I wear my violet with denim and a blue & white striped long sleeved shirt, to look smart casual. Or a black crochet dress with an orange based pucci-esque scarf around the neck. I imagine white, light grey, daffodil yellow, black, and even light/forest green can go well with it. To me most colors can work, it's just about finding the right shade of blue, grey, etc. Don't worry, have fun mixing and matching! What color scheme do you normally wear? Most people tend to stick to the same shades anyway.
  4. I love using my Violet City when I'm wearing either a teal or red top. But make sure to wear a neutral color for the bottom like say black, denim or white. :tup:
  5. i think violet goes with everything. i dont think about what to wear when i use my violet. dont think too much about co-ordinating what to wear with the bag...experiment and enjoy!
  6. yes I agree with everyone I think if you just experiment a bit you will find that it can work as a neutral. My advice would be to try not to get into the habit of being to 'matchy matchy' - i.e. only wearing it when you wear your purple belt or what not. Any neutral colours will work and on top of that bright colours in small doses will make it *pop* even more :smile: I personally love a splash of tangerine with purple - ooh or any shade of yellow :drool:

    have fun experimenting !!
  7. Colour is so hard, honestly I had/ have this problem as well. Get a colour wheel and a good book about colour and read through. One of the things about Balenciaga is that they rarely do a "true" colour, they always seem to have an undercolour as well. If I can describe it like that. Violet is a blue based cool purple, as opposed to a warm based plum purple. It looks lovely with cooler colours, especially cool dark greens, blues, black, grey, white, but it also looks fantastic with yellows and orange (split complimentary - or some term like that)

    Good luck and post how you made out!

    I wish you well,

  8. ^ita. the colour wheel is a good guide.