I'm collecting my Myrtille Soufflot Tomorrow! Yay!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Or may be I'll change my mind and get something else like a Tiaga Desk Agenda or a Tiaga card holder or a Damier Mini Poch.... or.... hmmmm.... but still... I'm getting something form LV tomorrow!

    One LV per week keeps the doctor away! Yay! I'm addicted! I can't stop spending! THis is my nineth week since I get my first Louis! My sweet sweet Louis.... aaaahhhh.. ;) :yahoo:
  2. There´s a Soufflot in Myrtille? That sounds yummy!
  3. I LOVE the soufflot in myrtille. I'm definitely jealous!
  4. Congrats.
  5. Pictures!
  6. That's the soufflot I definately want, the myrtle. It would be FAB!!! I'm afraid to put it on my wish list, cause I want it so bad... green with envy GET IT!!!!
  7. Congrats!! :nuts:
  8. Ohhh....that is a gorgeous bag, can't wait to see pics!!!
  9. Yes, want to see pics too! Very pretty bag!
  10. Congrats!

    Can't wait to see it in Myrtille:love:
  11. Ooo:huh:o..I'm definitely jealous, I wanted to get a souffle in myrtille but my stores all ran out of them. Please post pix when u get her and decide to keep her (which I hope u will) :love:
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