I’m Chloé cursed...

  1. I missed seven Chloé Paddington’s in the last year. I have been so close getting it over the year un in different colours and now I blew it again. And this time even in the colour I loved the most (Bordeaux) It was a great price, but she closed the add while I was in school.

    This is stupid, but now I kinder feel like ok, I’m not gonad get a Paddy.
    Have you guys ever had that feeling..?

  2. ahhh, and the more you miss out on them, the more desperate you are to get the one of your dreams. On the upside, its a great time to be buying as the prices of used ones has finally dropped slightly, so there are some good deals around.

    The right one is out there, its just not time yet!
  3. Ronja,

    You going to get that Paddy...keep trying alright !! Dont give up. :yes:
  4. Don't give up! It will come again and you will get it!