I'm cheating on HH...which Tano should be the one?

  1. Hey girls! I'm new to Tano as I've been loyal to Hayden Harnett for a while. :smile: I would love to try a Tano sale bag and am looking at the Serial Dater in Sour Cherry, Plum Jelly, and Pink lemonade. I'm also looking at the Self Portrait in Azul. Which one do I want? Right now I'm carrying a Hayden Harnett Eggplant Havana which is the closest I've ever found to a perfect bag...size, pockets, everything.

    Soooo, which of the two bags above do you like best...and which color? I would love a color that will work for fall. I somehow never managed to get a summer bag and now I feel like it's too late. THANK YOU!
  2. Here's a picture of someone's Serial Dater in the pictures reference library:

    And a Self Portrait in taupe:

    They're different leathers; the Serial Dater is the crunch, and the Self Portrait is (I think) plush - not shiny like the other and is smooshy. Someone here has the azul color in another bag, which is a very bright blue.

    I don't have either, but hope this helps. Must Have Bag is also have a sale of their summer bags. New styles will be shown on there for fall soon!