I'm calling its quits...for a little while

  1. it's only been alittle over a year, my very first chanel was the blk/blk medium cambon tote given to me by DF, since then, chanel has been my obsession. but i think it's time to call it quits, at least for a few months. so here is my collection, it's not nearly as extensive as some of the other members, but i'm really happy with all my pieces. missing from the family pictures are:

    1. white e/w with bijoux chain
    2. my med/large blk classic flap with gold hardware
    3. pink beaded eagle belt, which can be worn as necklace
    4. blk leather riding boots with shearling lining
    5. blue long beaded necklace.
  2. the pictures arent showing :sad:
  3. sorry, experiencing lots of technical difficulties today
    DSC00115.JPG DSC00114.JPG DSC00113.JPG
  4. thse i just posted on my 'small loot' thread as well.
    new camera pics 007.jpg
  5. I love your blue Medallion tote!
  6. omg, great collection! know what u mean about having so time off.

    btw, is that red lambskin or caviar?
  7. I think your collection is beautiful and only one year? Wow~ quite a haul in a year. Best wishes for many more as beautiful as that :biggrin:
  8. I didn't even know they made a blue medallion tote! Great collection! I'm also done with Chanel (bags at least) until late next year.
  9. they're all beautiful. love you necklaces!!
  10. Gorgeous collection!!!! I love your bag collection.
  11. yum yum yum!!! :nuts:
  12. Fan-tastic!

    What is the official color of that medallion tote? How much is it? Now I want one too, lol...
  13. I am in love with those shoes.......hubba hubba.
  14. Nice collection in such a short time!!
  15. :huh:OOh... I see you LOTH!!! LuRKER... just like me! hahaha Get back in that minivan!

    Nice Collection TakeOutBox... :tup: