I'm bummed

  1. Ok, so there is nothing anyone can do...but I want to share my pathetic story with you all. Yesterday I got a call, a brighton blue lindy that I wanted was available. Mind you, that I was 2nd on the wait list. Great! Send it out. A few minutes later, the SA calls back, it has been sold out from under her! :confused1:
  2. Sorry!! That really $uck$....sorry...I'm sure they will quickly find another one for you soon. Plus always think that something even BETTER will come along, and that one was not meant to be JUST YET!

    **BIG HUGS**

    Wishing you lots of Hermes luck that they will find you another one SOON!
  3. Please don't feel too bad. It happened to me at least twice with 2 different stores that I can remember (less than 1/2 year span even). Hope your SA at least wants to look in the computer and see whether other store has it or not and transfer it to his/her store for you. Wish you luck in your BB Lindy search.
  4. Whaaat! That sucks, so sorry!
  5. Sorry to hear this, golden's mom. This is very mishandled actually. The call should not have been made unless it's available for you. Why raise your hopes and then dash it. Sorry that you have to be put through this. I am sure your SA was eager to please you though.
  6. ^^^This was my thought, too...I wish they would have waited before calling you, GM.....

    what size are you looking for, 30 or 34?
  7. That's horrible. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get your bag. I hope they action quickly and get you one.
  8. I am really sorry (((Hugs))) I don't think they should have called before getting the bag reassigned (to you) so this mixup would not happen. :crybaby:I hope they find a BB for you soon, and are able to make this up to you by providing extra special service in the future!
  9. I too am sorry to hear this happened to you! I hope you get your baby soon!
  10. Oh, that's terrible! The SAs should really do all they can to avoid situations like that ... doesn't make for happy customers, for sure.

    I hope another one turns up soon!
  11. Sending cyber hugs your way!
  12. Drats! That is certainly a bummer. On the bright side, I've seen several lindys in BB so they should be able to find one for you in another store. Or put out a call to action the the pf gals. We'll keep our eyes open and find you one. Are you looking for 30 or 34? and ph or gh? Seems like the ph is easier to find.
  13. So sad to hear there is a waiting list for the Lindy already. Has anyone ever seen one in a store? Everytime I go to Madison or Wall Street just the usual, never a lindy. I want one so bad in their beautiful orange. Is it hard to get on the waiting list and is it long....like for the Birkin or Kelly? I NEED a Lindy now! I sound like Veruka from Willy Wonka lol! :lol:
  14. I'm so sorry for you :sad: !!!
    I'm sending you good vibes from Paris : I'm sure your SA will find another one for you fast :yes: !!
  15. Sorry to hear that 'your' Lindy escaped...

    Look on the bright side... now you are #1 on the wait list for that colour!!