I'm bummed...

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  1. I went to Macys last week and they didn't have a very large selection of Coach bags. Mostly signature bags that looked to me like they were older styles (not on sale either). So Tuesday I went to TJ Maxx and nothing. Not one piece of Coach anything. No bags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses, nothing. I was very sad. So then yesterday evening I had an appointment at my salon and was a bit early so I thought I'd check out Marshalls which is only a few stores down. Again not a single piece of Coach anything! They had the usual Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, etc and a couple of older looking Dooney & Bourke bags.I was sooo bummed again! So much for getting a deal! I'm going to try Lord & Taylor this weekend before I head off to a boutique.
  2. I've seen the occasional Coach item at Marshall's but everything I saw was not cute. I've yet to see anything Coach at TJ Maxx but I know a lot of other girls seem to have great luck with the ones near them. I have seen a few Dooney's at TJ Maxx, but that was it.

    Do you have any outlets near you? That would be your best bet for a great deal. Love the clearance section in them.
  3. I know I have to go to TJMaxx on the day they unload the truck--in our store, it's Tuesday mornings. If I wait even one day, all the Coach is gone! Always Dooney but the Coach goes so fast.

    I just realized how much I sound like I'm a TJMaxx stalker now :lol: !
  4. hope you find something in lord and taylor. regardless, a trip to the boutique is always fun (even if it is a full-price store) ;)
  5. Which Macys did you go to? the one in manhattan has a good selection.. out of the city, macys kind of sucks in jersey... i went and i was like :confused1: they dont have much of anything
  6. Macy's got a lot of new stuff yesterday. Sig multi stripe, watercolor, of couple of other things.
  7. LOL! I guess that is the secret then! ... I am going to have to find out what "truck day" is around here. :O)
  8. jewelebeanie - what an adorable picture of your cat!!!!

    as for macys, most macys have poor or no selection of coach bags but if you visit a large macys you'll be in for a surprise because they not only have the latest items, they have some items that coach stores haven't gotten yet

    at least in the west coast, specifically the macy's downtown in san francisco :sad: i sometimes go there to 'check' out the competition lol.
  9. Macy's - Don't they sometimes have exclusive bags? I got the soho flap in 2004 and I got it in the smaller size from Macy's. I went into a boutique and all of the SA's went nuts because they told me that my size was only available from Macy's!!! But then the next time around, when they updated the soho flap, it was offered in my size everywhere. But I felt so special having a bag that the SA's coveted!

    TJMaxx - The one by my work never has a lick of Coach. Just some Dooney.
  10. Macy's every once in a while does have an exclusive style, and they will sometimes have the last season ones on sale (like the holiday patchwork right now)

    TJX Marshalls and Stein Mart are very hit or miss, but sometimes you hit really good!
  11. I went to a local Macys. I'll have to check out the one in the city the next time I'm there.

    Thanks! haha she was not pleased when I took that picture!
  12. What I found at TJ Maxx (and put on layaway) was a $100.00 less than the original price, which is pretty good. Then I bought the same two purses on eBay, for the price of one of the TJMAXX layaway. They were older models and classic but got a better deal on eBay. I recommend it once you are very aware of the flaws of fakes on eBay. Good luck to everybody in the search for the perfect handbag or accesory!!!
  13. Yeah, I agree, even if I haven't bought anything at a boutique. I've been in one before, though. The SAs are very friendly and always ready to help! I suggest going to the boutique even if you don't plan to get anything...you might come out with a great purchase! ;)
  14. I've been there before. but i went to my local TJ Maxx and found a Legacy Pouch i was soooo happy i had to get. Im not sure if theres a Dillards in your area but they always have some nice Coach bags and some pretty good sales.
  15. Well today was a complete 180! I first went to Macys since I needed to pick up some stuff at MAC and of course I couldn't walk past the Coach section without looking. They got rid of all of the bags I saw last week and now had all of the Ergo bags, new Hamptons and Soho bags, and the Legacy leather shoulder bag. Chatted with a nice SA about a bag I was thinking about getting for my mom (Hamptons pebbled leather carryall). Was so close to buying it since this weekend, if you open a Macys CC, you get 20% instead of the usual 15%. I decided against it since I was 100% certain my mom would like it and I need another CC like a hole in the head!

    Then I headed over to the local Coach boutique. What nice ladies! I soo wanted to buy the whole store, but settled with the Ergo tote keyfob in turquoise and the watercolor stripe ponytail scarf. I wanted the legacy scarf and one of the ladies looked it up on the computer and it was sold out as I already knew thanks to tPF! I'm not too fond of the watercolor stripe bags, but the scarf is very cute. As soon as I do my taxes and see how much I'm getting back, I may be going back to visit my new friend Chrissy and make a bigger purchase.

    Here are some pictures:

    My cat is curious