I'm Bummed...bad LV ebay Purchase

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  1. Ugh...I know others have probably gone through way worse...but here's my bummed out story.

    As most of you know I'm trying to complete a limited edition collection. So over the weekend I had my BIL bid on several items and we won. 2 of them came today. The khaki graffiti pochette was just as described (a little tarnish on zipper...but I got a screaming deal on it so no biggie). I also got a cherry blossom cles. It was described in the auction as being in pristine condition with no rubbing of cherry blossoms (a huge concern with this line) and nothing else wrong. Well I get it and every single cherry blossom has rubbing/chipping, the zipper is majorly tarnished/spots peeled off, and there is black dirt on the leather trim.
    I promptly email seller and her reply "the item is exactly as pictured in auction. But I'll refund when I receive the same item back."
    My reply "The item is NOT as described in your auction" and I listed everything wrong. I promptly opened a paypal claim since I want full records of everything from here on out.
    The bummer is that they overcharged for shipping...but at the time I didn't care because I was saving money....but they overcharged by $9.00.
    AND I also just bought a red/cream pochette from Germany and the seller is messing around....I verified beforehand that none of the cherry blossoms were rubbing off....so I am anxiously keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out OK with that one.
    UGH.....why oh why didn't I get into LV in 2001!:hysteric:
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get your dispute resolved and that your red/cream is pristine! I don't understand how sellers can think they will get away with misrepresenting an item. How frustrating!
  3. So sorry to hear that :sad: That's the worst...to be so excited and then come crashing down.

    I hope it works out
  4. Awww... :sad:

    I hope everything works out for you!!!
  5. Thanks girls! I hope my red/cream is too....I got a super deal on it and authenticated it here beforehand. Since it's coming from Germany if something is wrong I'm out a ton of shipping charges :sad:
    as it is with the cles I'll be out around $25 for the shipping (his charges + the return shipping).
  6. You were smart by opening the claim right away. Take some photos of it's actual condition so you can prove what it really looked like. Was it really the same product that they pictured? Did they use a different picture or just try to use some clever photography by not showing the flaws? I really hope everything works out for you, good luck...:s
  7. Veedub....I didn't see anything wrong in the pictures they had on the auction site....so it may be the same thing...but they definetly didn't describe the major flaws.
  8. Awww...that's too bad. I hope you can get your money back on the chipped one and that the red/cream one shows up in amazing condition!
  9. Thanks what! Me too! The red/cream is probably going to be a bit of a wait since it's coming from overseas...every day will be agony waiting (especially since it's the last pochette to complete my CB pochette collection).
  10. Oh yea...and I did take pics of everything in case it gets escalated and paypal has to get involved.
  11. Sorry to hear that:sad: Seller like this makes me real mad:cursing: Hope everthing works out well from here on.:flowers:
  12. Thanks Lee.....me too!!!! At least it wasn't with a $1000 bag!
  13. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope it all works out for you.
  14. Thanks smith :smile:
  15. Oh, so sorry to hear that..! Yea, I'll be pretty bummed too about the rub-offs especially if you are expecting it to be in pristine condition. If the flaws are on the leather instead, you can at least get it replaced but with the rub-offs, there's pretty much nothing can be done... :sad: Hope you get it settled soon..!