I'm brand new here! Is this Botkier real?

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  1. I'm brand new, so I hope this is the right place to post this! I am looking to buy this botkier (the Holster bag) on eBay, and want to make sure it's real before I commit to a higher bid. I have never owned a Botkier, so I don't know what to compare it to. Thanks so much!:smile:
    botkier1.jpg botkier2.jpg botkier3.jpg
  2. I might be able to help you. I had this bag for a short while in black. I don't know about this color but the style of the bag looks like what I had. There should be 3 compartments: one main compartment with zipper and an open compartment on each side of the main compartment. The bag was lightweight, stayed comfortably on my shoulder but was rather large (and I am short) which is why I returned it. I purchased it at Neiman Marcus on sale (but I can't remember for how much). The leather is wonderful. I just can't speak for the color since I only saw it in black but surely it came in other colors. If the description of the bag matches what I've said, hopefully is authentic. Maybe some other tPFers can jump in with an opinion. GOOD LUCK!!
  3. Lovely Botkier Holster bag!

    This colour is called Liquid or Acid i think (something having to do with fluids haha) - I remember seeing this colours it on Triggers - but I don't remember if this colour came out after they stopped making the Holster bag or not - I can tell you that Botkier did have this colour for their bags that's for sure - it has a slight sheen to it and I think they have this coating on it so it looks like it has some reflecting colours on it - its a lovely spring colour.

    Sorry if I wasn't much help... anyone who has a Botkier Holster in this colour?
  4. Thank you both so much! I am so impressed and excited by how knowledgeable everyone is here! Does anyone else happen to know?
    Thanks so much! :smile:
  5. it looks like the "real deal" to me to. I have this exact bag and the color is in fact "Acid." It came from Neiman Marcus and I believe was $665-$700 plus tax. I love it but I'm about to list mine for sale on eBay as I just bought a new Chloe and am officially "purse poor." There is another limited edition one just like this Acid one and it's a light turquoise/blue color but I can't remember the name of the color. Apparently it was only sold at Botkier in NY and for a short period. It has a tan canvas type lining and there apparently aren't too many of them. The others, like the one in your picture have the white satiny/silk lining and are great. I hope you got your Botkier and think you'll love it. They're some of the best bags around. Good luck!