I'm bored with my hair

  1. No I really think I just hate my hair right now. It's in a really akward phase and I dont really have the patience to deal with it. So Here are pic's of it really short and medium. Should I wait it out or chop it off again.

  2. the same short hair cut but dark again and curly
  3. You look gorgeous with a short pixie haircut!! :smile: I love it.

    The short blonde crop reminds me of Victoria Beckham, BUT better. :smile:
  4. I think you look fabulous in both pics!! But I do like the dark on you better (not sure if that was part of the question, though!!). Honestly I really like both cuts...very chic!!
  5. You are gorgeous!! I love the curly dark hair. Both styles look great on you but I think I prefer the longer style. Maybe a Posh-similar bob just to change things a bit? The shorter style is really cute too.
  6. I love the style you have/had in the first pic!
  7. I am so jealous. You are one of those rare girls who look amazing BOTH ways! Have you tried just styling it differently to keep from getting bored? You could play with headbands and scarves. I wouldn't chop it on impulse, but if you don't care whether it is long or not, go for it. Like I said, you are gorgeous either way.
  8. THanks ladies. think I am just getting impatient with my hair. Not sure what I want to do. But I liked having the shorter hair because with 3 little kids it's easy to take fix quickly.
  9. Some small change might cure the boredom. ;) Maybe you don't have to change the style..I think it's perfect. You could try highlights or something to liven things up. Personally, I wouldn't change the cut. It's so pretty this way!
  10. arireyes -- i am w/ you! i had the inverted bob a year ago and since then it has been growing out. my current length is as long as your second photo. i'm going wednesday to have mine trimmed or something, but i'm totally w/ you being bored w/ your hair because growing out hair is hard sometimes. if i must say, your short 'do is really cute! if you can keep fighting the good fight, i would say let it grow a bit more and then if it still bugs you, go back to the short inverted bob.
  11. I agree! You lucky girl you!!!
  12. i LOVE your hair!!! it looks great!! i dont think you should change it :p

    you sort of look like jayla from antm (i forgot which cycle) haha that's random~
  13. You look beautiful with that short blond croped hair like VB. I'd leave it like that.
  14. i love this look!
  15. ohh I like it with the dark short hair, looks great! see how cute it looks with a headband I would keep it like this your eyes look beautiful with this cut!