I'm bored!! Where is everyone??

  1. Are you all sleeping???
  2. Shewolfy....I'm looking at a Kooba parker in gunmetal now, what are you up to and what are your thoughts?

    Neiman Marcus 40% off from $835...makes it $501...
  3. That's good. I am wondering if anyone wants to trade a Carla NWT for something exciting??? Am I going to get into trouble?? :smile:

  4. Hey where did you go??? Are you in trouble yet? LOL:graucho:
  5. You are really out of control!! Okay, let's figure this out. So when exactly did you start this Kooba thing? and how many do you own that you did not buy to re-sell? And you have to count the ones that are coming in the mail also.
  6. The parker is gone...

  7. I can believe that...I just checked for you after I ordered and sent the free ship code!!!

    Well my BF got me the bourbon Jillian for my BD Aug 15...Since then I bought the Paige in bourbon (eBay)
    the ada in bourbon (he got it from eBay) a sloane in straw (eBay) and I bought an ivory charlie (bloomies, good price but I sold it it was too dressy for me) and I am going to sell my black Meredith (bloomies too, too dressy) Then the MA, (still to come, shipped today) the cognac Lucy (shipping too) and I think my BF has one for Xmas, plus the raisin Sienna (like you had) is another Xmas gift....plus the gunmetal parker if I like it and keep it!...so see you have me WAY beat:yes:
  8. Okay, so someone beat me out of a Paige in bourbon around that date. Did you get it for like $200?

  9. Am I in trouble *worried look*
    I think it was $205
  10. So since I got beat on the bourbon Paige, I got a gorgeous ivory Paige from nunnla, then I got a Paige in bourbon, Sienna in bourbon, (wait let me check my list...)then I got a Carla but decided to sell it, then I got a Jessie in Khaki, a Marcelle(still don't know if it's toffee or cognac there), a Claudia from nunnla, an ivory Sienna from nunnla(that girl has inventory!) and also a Sienna in black and raisin. I am going to get rid of the black Sienna since I know that I'll never wear it, along with the Carla. So who wins?? I think that we're tied!!
  11. Oh my goodness!! Right at the end too??? I am going to go back and look ms. vagabond!

  12. Yep we both got the disease around the same time.....and I am sorry for taking both bags...I didn't know your id then for bidding on the paige. =(

    so I did some research on the gun metal Parker.....it is a NM exclusive...sure you don't want to snag one????:graucho:
  13. Nice eybrows there... So funny!! Probably not. Its too dressy for me. I was looking into other brands. What else is worth obsessing over? What about Bulga or Botkier?