i'm bored today, so here's my 3 dark b bags photo

  1. i get bored today, so i took pics of 3 of my darkest b bags :p
  2. what a lovely bags sea!!!
  3. wow your bags are lovely! your black city looks:drool:
  4. thanks lovelv, keodi :p
    i can't believe the clutch is actually taller than a first!
  5. Pretty Dark Bbags :p i love your first one.:drool:
  6. I was just thinking that!
  7. Love them all SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I'm so glad you decided on the clutch and city!!!:love: :heart: :yahoo:
  8. Wow, I love your flat brass!
  9. I love love the clutch!
  10. hmmm do u think there will be some more room for a....... black work ? :graucho:
    ha ha ha... not soon though, maybe later in the future.
  11. Nice !
  12. Thanks for sharing sea! Every time I see your satin clutch I sigh a little. It's SO pretty!!!
  13. Sea - they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!:yes:
  14. OMG, the clutch is simply amazing!! :nuts: Yours is the only one I've seen. So fun!!
  15. :yes: :yes: Amazing clutch!!! :heart: :love: