i'm bored, so let's make another poll!

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  1. warm colours

  2. cold colours

  3. monochrome colours

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  1. which mood of colours do you prefer on your b bags?
    and care to tell us why? :p

    warm colours : ranging from yellow to red
    cold colours : ranging from blue to green
    monochrome colours : ranging from white to grey and black
  2. i don't know why, but i always liked warmer colours for bags and shoes.
    i tend to go for something brown than black.

    and maybe it's because i'm asian and my skin tones is more yellowish with a bit of pink, i thought a warmer colours suits me better.
  3. Cold and warm colours, but I couldnt vote for one so I picked cold as my only bbag is blue!
  4. Well, I picked monochrome colors because most of my bags are neutrals but I REALLY want to get some blues and greens in my collection.
  5. sea! I can't answer your question - it's too difficult! lol.. I like brights - but I also like the darks.. and the pastels and LOVE the metallics.. err... can I say almost all?
  6. This is a tough one. What I will say as I don't tend to go for super bright colors.

    So you won't see me carrying around a kool-aid purple bag, but I love my Ink!

    The bags (not al "b") in my current rotation are Ink, black, burgundy and camel, so I kind of fall into each category. B
  7. Where is my All of the Above button?? :p
  8. girls.... if i put the all of the above options, i know that would be the ONLY choice choosen LOL
  9. i like my neutrals, served with lots of undertones on the side! :popcorn:
  10. I couldn't vote either because I have red, blue, anthracite, and a light colored Bbags.....
  11. yeah u can :yes:
    i have all 3 tone of colours too adn i LOVE them all, but there must be one tone u prefer the most :graucho:
  12. For my bags, I tend to like more practical colors such as black, brown, and red (a little splash). However, for my clothing... I like warm orange, red, etc. warm colors.
  13. I love blues and purples...don't have them but I want them!
  14. Monochrome colors
    because I have black, grey and white in my collection
  15. Yea!

    I voted for cool colors... because as you can tell by my signature, that is what I have so far!! :yes: I would like to diversify, but I just keep going for blues, purples, etc. I have alot of pink in my skin, so I guess its a good compliment or something???