I'm bored, Lets pretend

  1. You have 50,000 US to spend at louis vuitton what are you buying?

    Are you going to special order anything if so what ?
  2. Ooooh, that would be so scary - handbags would be a flying. Lots of luggage, keepalls, lots of accessories (love them!), shoes. Probably wouldn't special order anything just buy a crapload of stuff! :yahoo:
  3. LOL...Love this..
    some jewelry..



    and all the bags from my wish list...plus all the LE pieces I love
  4. Luggage . . .trunks, hat cases, make-up.
    the stuff is just gorgeous.

    Actually I think of my handbags as little pieces of luggage that I get to use everyday.
  5. Okay, I'll play!

    Monogram Stephen Leapord Bag (used as luggage)
    Monogram Ellipse Petit
    Monogram Travel Alma
    Monogram Cabas Piano
    Monogram Sm. Pegase (sp)

    Vernis Houston (2 colors)
    Vernis Pochette Wallet
    Vernis Key Holder

    Shoes, shoes, shoes,

    Jewelry (Inclusion items, keychains, bracelets, haircubes,)

    Special Order- Lockit in Suhali Leather (Chocolate Brown with Gold hardware)

    Special Order - Lockit in Suhali Leather (White w/ Gold hardware)

    Suhali Le'Talenteaux in Blue

    Scarves in all colors

    Childrens sneakers for my daughter and the mini speedy for her

    Wallet for hubby
    Suitcase for hubby
    Work bag for hubby

    Suhali Pochette Wallet
    Suhali Key Cles

    I think I must be close now, no? I'll stop here. :smile:

    Oh, if only this could come true!!!!!
  6. Ohh I like this game!

    Jack and Lucy Key Chain
    Black MC speedy
    Damier Speedy 25 and 30
    Speedy Pink Inclusion Key Chain
    Pegase 60
    Mono Koala Wallet
    Manhattan PM
    Black and White MC Alma.
    Damier Alma
    Black mono shawl

    50K at LV?

    Suhali Lockit PM and MM in black (4570)
    L'Ingenieux PM in black (2890)
    L'Epanoui PM in blue and geranium (4920)
    L'Epanoui GM in blue and black (6000) (Suhali is my DREAM)
    mono keepall 50 with strap (1060)
    Damier keepall 55 (1090)
    framboise vernis houston (1350)
    framboise vernis lexington (620)
    perle vernis malibu street (825)
    epi mandara MM (1300) (for my mom)
    epi speedy 25 (885)
    epi passy (1200)
    epi passy gm (1420)
    epi croisette (1090)
    epi jasmin black and red (2080)
    pop haut (825)
    mono alma (880), damier alma (880), epi alma (1040)
    black mc alma (1370)
    black and white mc speedies (3600)

    which brings me down to 10105. with which I'd get small accessories, and some random mono/denim/I have no IDEA LV OVERLOAD
  8. I know thats a little off the wall but hey we can dream cant we.

    so here is what i decided.

    and I could only spend 29600 before taxes. I'll have to go back and do some more looking LOL

    wish list.jpg
  9. 50K is a lot of money! i'd be so overwhelmed!! haha.
  10. yeah i know what you mean... you think damn this stuff is so $$ but when you have a **** load to spend it goes on forever :biggrin:

  11. love those :smile:

  12. Ooooh I would buy a few trunks!!!!
  13. you need to get spending :biggrin:

  14. Nice list :yahoo:

  15. OK!

    A trunk for me and each of my daughters.
    A hat box
    Suhali loafers
    A mink scarf for my 21 year old
    A Stephen monogram
    A manhattan PM
    A trouville for my 19 year old
    A shirley for my 16 year old
    Boots for the girls
    a Koala wallet (for each of us)
    and last, but not least - a Speedy 30!