I'm Bored, Blahed-Out, ODed....Help me!

  1. So, some of you may have been following my recent quest to sell a bunch of my limited edition pochettes and buy some bigger LE bags.
    Well...the quest isn't going so well. The bags aren't really selling....and I'm in a funk. I feel like I want everything...but I can't have everything.
    Then sometimes I feel like I should sell almost all of it and start over....like I bought a bunch of bags to 'have' them. But then I think that I like the diversity of my collection (Vernis, Mono, Damier, Epi, a bunch of LE pieces).

    Then I get overwhelmed thinking of the upcoming collection....Amarante, purple Epi, all the Suhali lockits, new Vernis bags. My lord...I can't keep up.

    I don't know what's wrong with me lately.....I love Louis Vuitton....but I'm just blahed out and bored lately.

    Help me out ladies & gents...what do I need to do??
  2. why don't you try selling them on eBay? they normally sell faster! (in my opinion, immediate payment required selected!)
  3. Take a breath!! LOL! I know how you feel Twigs, I go through the same thing. Remember when I went speedy crazy and bought 4 of them?? Well...I don't have one now!

    I try to get bags now that I am really going to use and they are not going to sit there. I bought a bunch of bags to just "have" them too, but then there were other bags I wanted and to me it was bad to just have them "sitting" there not being used.

    I just try to buy something now because I love it or really need it. I don't know what else we can do short of winning powerball!!
  4. Don't feel bad at all!
    For me it's kind of the opposite, I don't like any of the new things out now (except the cloud bags are pretty..pricey though).
    Maybe it's a good thing your pieces aren't selling super fast, then you can make better decisions on what you REALLY want to get instead of getting things just to have them! :idea:
  5. Thanks gals! I think I got so caught up in the LV fever when I first started buying last year...combined with discovering tPF. I was buying stuff 'just because'.
    I am trying to sell them all at once so I'll a big chunk of money sitting there....and then I can decide what to buy!
    I guess my problem is that I really love limited bags...but eBay is the only option on so many of them now...and I love the boutique experience. SO then I start thinking "Well...maybe I'll just buy something that's part of the permanent line". UGH! I'm just too compulsive!
  6. I know exactly what you mean Traci! I have a mono speedy sitting in the closet that NEVER gets used! But then I think 'well, she is a speedy...and I love speedys...so I'll keep her" ARG!

  7. Try to sort out what you love and what you can live without, I agree things will prob sell better on eBay esp the bags you are selling (once you get over the stupid selling limit). Other than that take a good look at the pics for the future release's and focus on your favourites rather than everything. I have got to agree there are so many bags coming it does get a bit overwhelming but it's unlikely you'll love them all so just take a deep breath and everything will work it's way out
  8. Thanks Claire....I am overwhelmed with the rest of S/S and F/W. I have no clue what is even coming out when! Usually I am on top of everything!
  9. Purple EPI?? Really? Has anybody posted a sample yet?
  10. Oh...and I am planning on ebaying them...I just got ebay to lift my seller restrictions (thankfully)!
  11. i don't think so...I read about it in the S/S or F/W thread in the reference section! It's so much! LOL
  12. I know they are a bit random at the minute, and it didn't help with the last bunch of things all got moved about and release pushed back etc.
    But remember Fall/Winter's not until to Sept + so you don't need to worry much about that and I don't think there is that isn't that much left for S/S
  13. Thanks Claire :smile:
  14. I'm actually on the same boat as you. One of my pieces aren't selling so now I've put it on ebay. This will be the very first bag that I'm trying to sell. I'm hoping it will get easier. I have way to many bags that simply sit there but I'm having a hard time letting go.
  15. I feel the same way too!
    I bought a bunch of LE smaller pieces that are just sitting in their dustbags and boxes at home that I will never use. I feel bad selling them on Ebay because I just can't let them go. Additionally, I have like multiple cles and wallets that I just don't need. I've sorta crossed over to the H side with all their more usable goods and am thinking of selling my "normal" LV pieces..