I'm bored and need a new bag...


Which one?!?

  1. Damier Saleya MM

  2. Damier Duomo

  3. Manhattan GM

  4. Just wait for the Neo Cabby MM

  5. Nothing is appealing, get something else (pls suggest)

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  1. As I'm kicking myself everyday for not grabbing the Neo Cabby MM when I first tried it on, I'm now waiting impatiently for my local LV to receive a new shipment. I think it may be months before any arrive and I'm likely on the bottom of the waiting list.

    Newhoo, so I want another bag to make me happy in the meantime. ;) Please provide your pros/cons/any comments on the suggested bags listed.

    Saleya MM - I'm liking this bag very much especially because of it's durability and low maintenance during winter. This of course will be used everyday for work.

    Duomo - Always wanted it just because. Again low maintenance. And a handbag just like my Damier Pap 30. Do I really need another Damier handbag?

    Manhattan GM - Beautiful bag, but the center belt may irk me when getting stuff in and out of the bag. And perhaps heavy?
  2. I voted for the duomo, I am in total love with that bag. it is so beautiful! I cant wait for my new cabby mm, do you really think it will be months. Oh no
  3. Just wait for the Neo Cabby MM
  4. Get the Saleya MM. I love mine and I think it would be great work bag.
  5. :yes: Agreed!
  6. I voted for the Saleya because of these reasons. For a bag you want to buy simply to sate an itch, it's got a helluva lot going for it! Perfect winter colours; perfect 'bad weather day' bag; super durable - you don't have to baby it; and you're going to use it daily!

    It's a big :tup: all-round.
  7. I'd also go with the Saleya- the Duomo is nice but overpriced IMO. The Manhattan is lovely as well, and as for the center strap, many owners just tuck it over into the ring without buckling it, greatly easing access.
  8. Go for the Saleya - it's a great bag!
  9. Just wait for the neo cabby, its my NEXT bag!!!!!
  10. Get the new onatah bag. ;)
  11. neo cabby all the way!
  12. i voted manhattan
    love that bag!
  13. Just wait for the Neo Cabby MM.
  14. Get the Saleya MM while waiting for the Neo Cabby :p
  15. Right now i'm itching for a cabby in black... Its hard to hold back too.