I'm Blaming Doloresmia!!! (A Reveal)

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  1. For the record, I am blaming doloresmia for my slow, slippery slide into the BV universe!

    Happy and content in the world of H, I was lucky enough to meet the oh-so-lovely doloresmia at a tPF meet up last year. After hitting a couple of stores, she dragged me (OK, "dragged" is an exaggeration, but it makes for a better story) to the BV boutique, which was like entering another world. uclaboi was there too, so you can imagine the kerfuffle :nuts: when we walked in the shop. I largely observed while those two engaged in lots of animated discussion with the SAs about upcoming leathers, styles, colors and techniques -- all of which was like a foreign language to me at that point.

    Fast forward. In the months that followed, I started spending more time with the BV brand and have begun to develop some definite passions & preferences. Having stuck my toes in in the water a couple of months ago with a black Parachute bag (yum!), I've just acquired this little gem, which means my BV collection now totals a whopping 2 pieces!

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  2. Oh....first one here.
  3. A little peek...

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  4. And a bit more...

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  5. Ah - you little tease!!!!

    D is a very good enabler!!

    Oh gosh, it's that bucket bag!!!! Please say it is!
  6. Yes kroquet, it is!

    Presenting my new Pourpre/Fever bucket:

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  7. Oh Graycat!!! I am totally smitten with this bag!!!! LOVE IT!

    Would you do some modeling pics?? Congrats of a gorgeous bag. I just love the subtle shading.
  8. It's absolutely gorgeous! What a start on BV for you :smile:

    Congrats--I love this bag.
  9. Here's a quickie modeling pic:

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  10. Lovely!
  11. My 2 key BV observations thus far:

    1. BV is a fabulously yummy and addictive.

    2. Shopping with doloresmia & uclaboi will be hazardous to your bank account. :biggrin:
  12. Gorgeous! Congratulations!

  13. Glad you took the BV plunge..:yahoo:

    Yes, it it yummy & addictive.. but you will have loads of fun for sure!!!
  14. Looks beautiful on you and thanks for sharing! I love that bag!!!
  15. gorgeous!! congrats!!
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