I'm bidding on everything on ebay so...

  1. i would be highly offended if any of you bought anything on eBay that's ending within the next 9 days! does that make any sense?

    brandee, i just realized you're still miffed about that angioletto! i haven't been back here to the board in a few days but i just got out of this thread:
    excuse me, but why do we have to feel guilty when someone else in the world wants the same thing as you do on eBay?? esp when it's the only 1 up on ebay at the time?? ebay is a game where the highest bid wins, & if you happen to want to want it more than the next person, then that should be okay.

    if i'm watching an auction for 6 days & have not put a bid in because i'm waiting to see how high it'll go, but someone from here does, that should not automatically mean that i cannot also go for it, w/o some of you getting your panties in a bunch! that's just ridiculous to me.

    just because someone talks about a certain item, others should not be made to feel guilty because they ended up winning the item that the other person just did not bid high enough for. not that i feel guilty, because i don't. i collect a lot of things & buy certain things & have been using ebay for about 7 years now, so i don't feel guilty about using it in the least to get what i want.

    i just think it's rather immature to even jokingly comment on what kind of friends you have, just because they won an auction item that you wanted also.
  2. I know the whole ebay system is stressful but I don't think anyone here is actually trying to antagonize anyone......I know this is a purse forum, but COME ON, we're talking about purses here of all things.

    Just try and put it in perspective. I think it's natural for people to find humour in a situation that hasn't worked out for them...sarcasm doesn't go over well on the internet

    happy bidding!
  3. Thanks Femstix...that's exactly it. We were trying to find humor in my zucca = bambione + canguro situation. If we didn't joke about it I probably would've cried about it...so we laughed it off!!

    Are you going to be okay butterpecan?? Brandee and I were joking about ebay b/c I outbid her on an item that turned out to be a total scam and I got screwed. Don't take it personal we all know how ebay works and whoever is willing to pay the most wins the item. I don't care who wants the item if I want it more, I'm going to pay more and I'm going to get it...end of story. :boxing:

    Bid carefully ebay can be a dangerous place and scam artists seem to be taking over!!
  4. Nobody ever means to insult anyone by anything we say . we are all friends here. :smile:
  5. okay, so i over-reacted, but still, my immediate thought was that yall must be new to ebay & to forum etiquette if instead of congratulating someone on their score, you go right into what kind of person they are, even if you are so-called joking.

    i'm over it, i just didn't realize that brandee really felt more about it then, which really bothered me. it just made me feel like she really thinks i'm "one-upping" her when that's not the case. i've had my eye on & been collecting tokidoki since last spring, way before apparently it got really popular.
  6. hey buttrpecan, my real life friend, we were just commenting on it. Its no big deal.. and if you would have read more you would have seen that i posted "at least she got it because then i still get to see it :p "

    no one thinks you are one upping me. and it was more of an inside joke between tokiliciousjenny and myself, I was grumbling that I didnt get anything from ebay lately because everyone seems to outbid me by like ten bucks. which is my fault because I dont want it THAT bad! Both Tokilicious and you have outbid me, and it was worse for tokilicous jenny. We were making light of her situation. You were not the bunt of the joke and im sorry you took it like that. You won the angioletto fair and square, and i didnt post that to offend you or anyone else on TPF.

    Still friends?? :yes:
  7. agree! I would be glad if one of you here won the same item I'm bidding rather than anyone else that I never know of. :supacool:
  8. i agree with Azumie..what person better to win than strangers..those in forum like us!!:graucho:
  9. Exactly vmasterz- at least then we know it is going to a good home!