I'm Being Sabotaged!!!

  1. So I am sure many of you saw the link to a previous eBay auction I had for a yellow medium balenciaga that turned out to be sold to me as fake when I was told it was authentic. (original seller 'poppppo'). Ultimately, thanks to everyone at tPF I found out the truth and went after the original seller, all the while cancelling the auction when I found out it was not the real deal. No bag was ever sold. But now I can't even sell my auth. bags on eBay b/c someone on tPF keeps contacting my bidders and telling them not to go through with the transactions!!! I have NEVER sold a fake thing in my life and when I DID find out the yellow one was fake, I cancelled it myself! You can still see the link! I said cancelled b/c of "error in the listing". Recently I sold a Chloe paddington hobo that I bought at Bloomingdale's last year and someone here contacted the winner and told them not buy from me. I ask whoever this is to please STOP! I did not do anything wrong and I tried to make things right with the yellow bag fiasco. PLEASE STOP sabotaging all future auctions b/c you are taking away the spirit of eBay and in reality, I can prove the authenticity of my Chloe bag 30000% by contacting the sales associate who sold it to me. I don't want to have to make every auction from here on in private...this is not what tPF was created for and certainly it is not to be used as a vehicle to interfere with legitimate sales.
  2. I am an attorney practicing in New Jersey so believe me when I tell you that as part of my commitment to uphold the law, I would certainly not sell counterfeit goods. In light of that, I wish whoever is in fact doing this to me, the person causing me to lose money on Ebay through final value fees and listing fees, not to mention damaging my reputation as a seller, would fess up. It's so unfair and I am so upset by this that I cannot even begin to express in words...it is bad enough that I was deceived for $1,000 by an unscrupulous seller of a fake yellow Balenciaga and now I find myself being punished in perpetuity. Whoever is doing this has every moral obligation to make it right...
  3. I'm so sorry this has happened to you! I think the only solution is to make your auction private to stop outsiders from contacting the bidders.
  4. If you marked your auctions as private no one would see the bidders names.

    May I ask why you think its someone from tPF?
  5. I can only guess b/c I know that many people from here contact both Ebay and bidders openly about auctions. Numerous members consistantly talk about how they try to contact auction winners to warn them and I had a feeling this was the case here. Certainly I dont know for certain but I figured this would be the place to start...it's so awful b/c it was bad enough I got ripped off on the auction for the Balenciaga but now it is tainting every auction for my own private bags! I just think that is so wrong!
  6. I feel for you, but to be fair, it may be other sellers selling the same item? Just a possibility... :shrugs:
  7. I am not so sure, the winning bidder emailed me saying she was contacted directly by someone who told her to stay away from me specifically b/c I had tried to sell a fake balenciaga bag previously on Ebay. That can only really be either the original seller that I outed for it, or the tPF people who had been all over me for the original listing. If you look on the bbag threads, this bag caused quite a stir on tPF. That's how I found out it was fake in the first place which I then cancelled. All I know is that this is gonna drive me nuts until I figure out what is going on! Meanwhile I have a Chloe bag that the bidder won't pay for!
  8. I am sorry for you! Hopefully it is not some one here, because it is, man, I feel bad! This forum used to be so fun.
  9. Oh, whoa, what a mess! Well, I guess you can only provide all proof of authentication to the chloe buyer and explain the whole bbag situation to her and hope for the best. So sorry to hear about all these and hope that you will get it sorted out soon, it must be really frustrating. *hugs* Good luck!
  10. Thanks girls! This forum is a place for people to really get to the bottom of things and it seems counterproductive when the real bags are weeded out! Oh well.....ultimately, guess in the end I am left to relist, try and recoup my fees and hope that if the person who emailed the bidder is reading this that they know I am the real deal. If they have a problem, just go ahead and contact me. That's why I make my Ebay ID the same as my tPF username. I want people to know who I am and who they are dealing with...thanks again ladies!
  11. What an awful thing to have happen to you. It's not fait that you should you have to make your listing private just because of this idiot.
    I would ask your buyer to provide you with the user id of the ebayer who contacted her about your listing. Or you could also contact ebay and tell them another ebayer is interfereing with your listings, they have access to the messages so could probably see who the ebayer is. Interfering like this is an ebay policy violation.
    Good luck & again sorry this happened to you.
  12. I tried! However, Ebay only has an email contact policy and emailing Ebay is like playing the lottery. I don't think they will ever get back to me frankly. I send the buyer a couple of emails asking for her assistance in getting the email address at least of the person who emailed her, but as of yet, no reply. I think it's so unfair, especially since I provided the buyer with the name and phone number of the personal shopper at Bloomingdale's who sold me the bag. I mean, I relisted the bag, but I don't think its right at all to interfere like that, whoever this random person is who decided to interject. Hopefully the buyer gets back to me!!! Crossing my fingers! When I find out who it is, I will let all you tPf girls know so you can have a heads up! WATCH OUT! someone out there is sabotaging legit auctions!
  13. wow!!!
    im so sorry you are going thru all that!!! how horrible!!!

    i hope something positive happens for you! i hope this all gets resolved!

    have you set up a different eBay ID and tried starting over?
  14. You know if I am reading all this correctly you really can not totally blame the buyer for being a little concerned, especially if she is an inexperienced ebayer. I find buyers are becoming more and more cautious and they should be given all the fakes and scams out there. Unfortunately, in your case, it is working against you but at the same time the buyer may be a little put off by the email she recieved from the third party and you can't really blame her...this ebay thing is getting out of control because of the lack of regulations and now they are policing transactions that are legitimate. It's like the seatbelt law...good idea/concept but really hard to enforce. I hope it all works out for you but think you will probably end up relisting...

  15. You're just making assumptions and accusations out of thin air.

    If you have a LEGITIMATE concern, then you should be handling it privately with the parties involved, instead of posting an attack against the members of this forum.