I'm Being Induced

  1. TOMORROW!!!!!!!

    WHOO HOO!!! 4:00 PM!!!!!!:yahoo:

    I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

    (John called me just now and asked me if I want to be induced tomorrow, and I said "Heck Yeah!!!!" He said "But it won't be until around 4, I said "I don't care!!" LOL!

    Wish me Luck!!:yahoo:
  2. So excited for you! Good luck ... you will have your baby in your arm in less than 2 days!
  3. Rock on! I pray for a speedy and uneventful delivery! I hope it's successful! Keep us updated if you can after you heal and post pics..:yes:
  4. YAY! Good luck!
  5. Thanks guys! I am going to bring my laptop with me and hopfully I can make a report from the hospital! LOL! I pray that I get a wirles signal. That would be awesome!
  6. Omg! I wish you the best!!!!!
  7. Good luck!!!
  8. That is soo exciting! All the best for a quick labor and speedy recovery!
  9. I'll be sending you happy thoughts tomorrow at 4 pm - can't wait to hear the news!
  10. Good luck to you, lady!!!!
  11. Thanks Guys! I can't believe it's finally happening!!! I'll post back as soon as I can!! WHOO HOO!
  12. Hooray!! Can't wait to hear all about your new little bundle of joy!
  13. Congrats and all the best!!
  14. Good luck!! I hope you have a good delivery!
  15. Good luck, and have a great delivery!!:biggrin: