I'm being BAD...

  1. Does anyone else do this?
    I clicked "place a bid" on a bag that I really...can't afford :shame: lol but I'm DYING to have it it's just gorgeous!!! (It's a vernis Malibu Street...see the pics...it's TDF).

    My mum is convinced that if my LV obsession doesn't calm down I'll be in biiiiig trouble :amazed: . The thing is it's MY money and LV is what I'd like to spend some of it on because I love beautifully crafted things (lol but try and explain that to her)!!!

    Does anyone else make purchases or bids that make you question if you've stepped over the line???:blink:
    malibu1.JPG malibu2.JPG malibu4.JPG
  2. It's a very very pretty bag lvobsessed...I can see exactly why u'd bid.
    I dun bid on bags on ebay, but I really do watch the items that I am interested in very closely to see what the final price would be...

    The pics themselves are sooo seductive.

    I got into a fight with my bf after i bought my first LV cause he said I was changing. But no matter how much tears and toil I went through I still love my bag very much...even tho I AM looking for my next one already...

    It's hard, cause I have a non-existent bag fund to dip into, so my savings will suffer...It's hard to be self-disciplined...sighz...
  3. i saw this bag too!!! and i fell in love with it as well! :love:

    there are so many tt i want, so i watch them on ebay, and try my darnest to forget them and tell myself repeatedly i can't, can't, can't bid!!
  4. Oooh, that is gorgeous! Beautiful color :heart: Be bad :devil:
  5. sometimes i make bids on things for poops and giggles. although only for things i know i'll get outbid on :P

    my boyfriend bid on a diamond ring for poops and giggles today but i wish it wasn't :P
  6. If I buy anything on eBay then it has to be a really good deal or really rare. Other than that I go to the store to get it.
  7. NO way!! It's not bad. If you have the available money then you should spend it on whatever you want. I guess you could go over the line, but I've started selling some of my previous stuff to cover my new stuff!!! Gotta feed that addiction somehow!!
  8. i was bidding a bag that i really really like and instinctively click the bid button, and i won! and i don't have enough money to pay the auction, so i borrowed money from my mom (for fixing my laptop, i said) :P
    i know it's bad but i can't help it
  9. be bad!!! that bag is gorgous!
  10. That is a gorgeous bag! It's ok to be bad once in awhile :P
  11. Beautiful color :love:
  12. be bad...one way or another you will spend the money for something else, it's better off spending it on gorgeous bag.
  13. you are very bad!!! but it's okay, we can't help it right?! but the bag looks to die for!!!
  14. I'm in the exact same position right now with a mono speedy 30 on ebay. Urrrrrgh.....I've still got 3 days to try and talk myself out of it. lol

    Have fun it's a gorgeous bag!! :biggrin:
  15. BUY IT! It is gorgeous, esp. in that color! I saw it on ebay and wanted it but I REALLY do not have the money!