I'm Being Attacked By June Bugs!!!

  1. its 80 degrees and muggy here in L.A. All sorts of insects are coming out of the woodwork. Is there anyway to keep June Bugs away from you? I don't think insect repellent works. They run right into my head! Can they not see me? How have they survived for thousands of years!!!

    Sorry to vent. But any suggestions are welcomed. I'm moving into the house now....
  2. They can see you. They just don't care if they run into you.
  3. I know hehehee I have to turn off all the outside lights. My son gets all freaked out by them LOL!!
  4. wth is a june bug????LOL
    Im from jersey..we get ticks here...ick...
  5. you've never seen a june bug??? LOL! They start out as worms in the ground I believe and feed off roots until this time of year and then they turn into these! And they are wacko!
  6. Yeah, anyone got a pic of these? hehe, sorry if it's a weird request but I've heard mention of June bugs before but here in Aus, we're in the middle of winter and pretty much bug-free except for those giant unholy moths!!!

    Edited: Oh thanks chag, for the pic! Must've posted at the same time:smile:)
  7. I think the need little june glasses cuz they fly into everything!
  8. How big are these? Looks kinda menacing if they were a big size and like to kamikaze on you.
  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
    Nasty looking buggers..they can stay out your way..my ticks arent looking so bad now..lol...
  10. Ewwww :sick: I cant stand insects!
  11. My suggestion is to buy precor online. It kills any insects guaranteed!!! It even worked for the bed bugs. Goodluck!!!
  12. Are there "June Bugs" in the Bay Area?
  13. They are the most useless creatures ever. The basically come out only for a few weeks and spend that time crashing into windows and dying slowly on porches.
  14. LOL! I didn't know either. I'm a New Yorker, so when I was looking at houses in NC with my mother when I was younger there were all these things on the lawn... I BUGGED out (lol), they're nasty... bleh :yucky:
  15. ^ sounds JUST like the men from the BMW forum that were crashing the PF yesterday..LMAO!
    (Useless creatures...dying slowly on the porches..LMAO!)