Im being accused of stealing!

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  1. This is just horrible!!
    About a month and a half ago I purchased a large ergo sig. tote, the seller said it would be sent priority shipping. So about 2-3 weeks later I submitted my claim with paypal because the package never arrived. The seller went ahead and refunded my account. So far so good......NOT!! A month and a half later the seller contacts me with a tracking # to let me know my package has arrived and she wants her money back. True......tracking info shows it was delivered but I have no package!!!!:cursing: Now the seller is furious with me thinking I have stolen it from her and wants her full amount of the purse back. I cant believe this is happening.

    What in the heck do I do??:crybaby:
  2. Call your USPS make a report thru them. Explain to her that you have nothing and are open and willing to help out in any way possible but don't give her back your money.
  3. I definetely talked to USPS this morning and they said since delivery was made it is out of their hands. I have talked with her through e-mail a few times and she is lived with me and is demanding her money back. Im so lost.
  4. hmmmmm

    this will prob get moved to the eBay forum, but that's okay, its a smart bunch over there

    once usps shows delivered, they wont honor any insurance or anything

    was there insurance or sig confirmation on the bag?

    if not, that's good for you, paypal should side with you if there's a dispute

    if there was insurance, it could go either way

    if there was supposed to be sig conf, but the usps didn't get it, it should be one them

    whew, I know I just threw a bunch at you, this is why whenever I sell, if it's over $50, it's insurance and sig conf required.

    GOOD LUCK! keep us posted!
  5. also, and this is bad, but after 60 days you can't file with paypal and neither can she, sounds like you're close to that 60 days if not already past it
  6. Thanks Court!
    She didnt offer insurance nor did I ask for it, and supposidely it was just delivery confirmation. None of my neighbors picked it up for me so Im assuming it was stolen from my door step:tdown:
  7. Oh I had already filed with paypal when the package didnt show after about 2 weeks. The seller just kept telling me "it will be there, it will be there" I didnt let up though, I have never heard of a priority shipping taking more than 3 days. Thats when she went ahead and closed the paypal complaint by refunding my money. Total mess I know.
  8. that is VERY good for your case

    most people dont know this, but insurance is for the seller

    if the item gets lost in the mail, the seller is responsible, not the buyer

    so all of these ebayers who claim "i'm not repsonsible if buyer doesn't purchase insurance and item is lost in the mail blah blah blah" are wrong and will eventually learn (I learned the hard way)

    how many days has it been since the transaction on eBay?
  9. I've had TWO packages (one a coach purse I bought on Ebay) delivered to neighbors recently by USPS that had confirmed shipping to me.

    I did not know the two neighbors and they both came to my house and gave me my packages that they had opened by mistake when delivered to them.

    Sounds like some neighbors of yours may have your package since it was confirmed delivered to you.

    I think you should talk to your mailman!!
  10. there ya go! once a paypal case is closed it cannot be reopened. she may be able to do some sort of case, I've never heard of this exact situation, but I would think the 60 day rule still applies

    I think it may be one paypal case per transaction, but I'm not sure. Maybe noshoepolish is around, she's good at this ebay stuff too and I know she's on this board also (there are some really good ebay ladies on the ebay forum, but they work a lot with LV, MJ, etc)
  11. Court, I pmd you. Thanks!
  12. I hope all works out, sorry you had to deal with this. When I sell, I insure, ever since a package my mom sent to me never arrived.
  13. wow, good luck with this one, there is a thread on ebay forum about a lost package right now too. it's making me think that sig con. should always be there. i think it will work in your favor though
  14. Thanks all!
    I just had some uplifting information and help from Court811. I just did some research myself and it all looks as if Im going to be o.k.
    Phew! what a relief! Thanks Court!!!
  15. anytime

    here's a good lesson for all you ebay sellers (fortunately ranskimmie was the buyer)

    if it's over $250, you HAVE to get sig confirmation ($1.75 extra) to be covered by the sellers protection policy

    it's a good idea to get it for anything over about $50 bc the post office doesn't automatically get a sig for an insured item unless it's over $200, so even if you insure it, if they deliver it and it gets stolen from the doorstep, you're still liable. Crazy, I know.

    SO glad it worked out!!!!
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