I'm begging for help!

  1. I am going to the Trump Taj in Atlantic City this weekend for a pre-vacation before I go to Italy for 2.5 weeks... while im in Atlantic City i plan to go to LV of course! My problem is that i have a list that i can't seem to shorten because I'm so indecisive, so please please please help me choose! (17 year old guy)

    Saleya Gm
    Saleya MM
    Sac Plat in Damier Ebony
    Couguar in DG Terre
    Keepall 50 in Damier Ebony

    PS any other suggestions are welcomed, I'll probably pick up a new small leather good
  2. Keepall!
  3. Right now i use my antigua cabas gm and im really comfortable with it, and i also use one of these ( its weird using this actually, not being LV and all.)

  4. or the couguar...those would be my too choices
  5. I advise you to buy your preferred LV when you're in Italy as it's a LOT cheaper there, plus you can avail of the tax refund, I think around 12%!
  6. thats what im doing for a whole other list of things but i want a hot bag to take with me and arrive with
  7. I'd say go with Cougar or Keepall! Good for a trip!
  8. Seems like you really like shoulder totes. In that case, the Cougar gets myvote. The Saleya's tapered shape might look a bit too femine, but go ahead and try it at the store, maybe you can pull it off :smile:
  9. Well I'm really tall 6' 4" and kinda built...
  10. My vote goes towards the DG Cougar.
  11. The couguar sounds good. im thinking i will have to kill my bank account and get both the couguar and the keepall because i fell like i need both
  12. I vote the two!
  13. the couguar feels really odd on the shoulder. i felt like the bag was right in my armpit. but if you don't plan on carrying it on your shoulder. i'd go for that bag. its really nice :smile:
  14. Don't you already have a Damier Keepall? :confused1: I'd go with the Cougar in Terre- I've been lusting after one for a while :drool:
  15. ^^oops- scratch that. Just saw you ended up returning it :p