I'm been wondering....

  1. I'm been wondering about this eBay seller who's from Singapore too. She told a few chanel necklace last May and I've add it to my watchlist. She stated that those are her mum's and she got no idea of the authenticity.. The bid ended at USD1000.. I check back her feedback and seems like she has no problem. Lately I noticed she listed a few chanel wallet and mention that her friend get it cheap and thus selling... I wanted to bid on it but I'm not comfortable.. Check back her feedback today and notice another positive feedback..


    Are any of those authentic?

    *Can some mod move this to the shopping section! Sorry*
  2. It should actually go in the authentication thread, but I'll save you the trouble.

    The wallets are fake. The "authenticity card" should NEVER give off a rainbow hue.:tdown: