I'm becoming a Makeup Artist

  1. I am so excited. I have enrolled in a 6 week Makeup Artistry course and can't wait to get started.

    I doubt this will become my full-time career but who knows what the future will bring. For now I will be happy if I can build a small business doing it part-time for bridal parties, graduations, etc.
  2. ooh sounds so fun!!
    best of luck to you =)
  3. OMG! Congrats! Looks like alot of fun. Wish you to get to meet stars. We never know where that job could bring you =)
  4. Awesome!! I've always wanted to take a course on it too. I used to do makeup for photoshoots at my school (of course, the photos were for class) but it always came out really good, mind you :p . It's great that you'll get professional knowledge, sounds like a lot of fun!!
  5. that sounds like an interesting side job! where do you take the course? is it a national school or a local one ?

    And have fun at BJ in las vegas!!!
  6. What a wonderful opportunity! Good for you!
  7. Congrats and best wishes!
  8. Good luck to you, i did a 6 month's course last year at my local college and i loved it, so much so that i am hoping to train with MAC later this year!
  9. wow congrats!! thats great
  10. Congrats and good luck!
  11. That is wonderful! You can give us all tips!:yahoo:
  12. Thanks all.

    I've already started designing business cards - so excited!
  13. Hi, I took a 3month course in our place and it was worth it:yahoo: . Although it was harder than I expected it to be, I felt that I really learned a lot and I'm doing it part-time right now. I'm also planning to go for further studies for high fashion, crossing my fingers for it to push through!
  14. :yahoo: its soo much fun make up. have fun :smile:
  15. Congrats, that sounds so much fun, can't wait for your tips :yes:.