I'm Beautiful - Mini

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    LoveHandbags! suggested it and it's a great idea imho, so I emailed Jackie and she said it's possible! :yahoo:

    "Yes we could make a mini for a group. It would need to be 8 people absolute minimum to make it feasible to make an entirely new pattern but if you wanted to do 8 separate colours and bespoke them individually that’s also fine."

    Interested? E-mail Rose for questions/more information. I already sent an e-mail to Rose asking what the approx dimensions would be.
  2. Depending on the dimensions, I might be in.
  3. Tempting!
  4. I really like this idea.
  5. My heart, my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    finzup, you certainly know how to make a girl's morning!

    Crazy love, crazy love indeed - - - - I am in a very Midnight Blue IB Mini way this morning.

    Thank you finzup for your input and email to Rose:heart:
  6. p.s. oops, I meant thanks for your email to Jackie. My heart is in a whirl, sorry.

    Happy Valentine's Day to us!
  7. glad I made your day :flowers:

    Now the trick will be getting 8 firm commitments on this bag...

    So I guess at this point co-ordinate with Rose - her e-mail is rose (@) belenechandia.com (remove spacing and parenthesis) :tup:
  8. I may be in depending on dimensions
  9. I'm very interested in the dimensions, too. I think the midi is more what I need, but... you never know!
  10. This is tempting! I'd like more details too like dimensions and cost. I'll email Rose to let her know I'm interested!
  11. Yes, I am interested too! The Midi is still a big bag, so something a bit smaller would be nice!
  12. What leather are you all thinking about?
  13. At first I had thought the Midnight Blue, but now I would lean more towards Black Crash.

    This would be my first new BE. I suppose it would be smarter for me to wait for one of the newbie sales, or do they offer the newbie price break at any time?

    We will wait with patience to find out dimensions and price.

    Thanks again to finzup for her email. First round is on me, finzup! :beach:
  14. If I were to do this I'd be up for Midnight Blue, Black Crash or Pewter. I don't own any of these leathers and want something special. Just my opinion! I need this like a hole in the head!
  15. I really like the idea. For me, I would be thinking about black crash or pewter. I can't wait to hear more.